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Persona 3 the Movie 04: Winter Of Rebirth – Review


Since I never had a pet, I assume that’s a normal thing to say to your dog, isn’t it?

Persona 3 the Movie 04 – Winter Of Rebirth: The world is about to end! And while everybody suffers from a little end-of-the-world-blues, Makoto has to make a decision. You see, only HE can decide what should happen with the world. It isn’t like we’ve gone over this three times already how life is worth fighting for and there certainly was no drama accompanying that message which would help Makoto remember that. But thankfully after a couple days of moping somebody reminds him of what happened in the other three movies and the story can go on to the saving-the-world-part.

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Persona 3 the Movie 03: Falling Down – Review

Persona 3 the Movie 3 - Falling Down (2015) CRF=22 10bit [CBM] (Sub).mkv - 00005What really matters when the fate of the world is at stake…

This time I review:

Persona 3 the Movie 03 – Falling Down: The guy with a drug-problem died… and *gasp* the teacher turned out to be a psychopath. Guess it’s time for everyone to re-examine their relationships with everyone! Because we can all remember our highschool-days where we wondered if we really should become friends with anyone despite the fact that they could die at any moment like flies. What’s the point of human warmth if it can quickly turn into a cold corpse…? Oh man, I can’t imagine how someone could refute such mature arguments!

Oh, and the world’s ending by the way!

But at least most of the protagonists got on that school-trip before that, right?!

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Persona 3 Movie 02: Midsummer Knight’s Dream – Review

[C12]_Persona_3_the_Movie_-_2_-_Midsummer_Knight`s_Dream.mp4 - 00012You would think that Junpei’s reaction is supposed to be humorous due to how exaggerated it us but that’s indeed what the movie seems to hope everyone’s reaction will be. After all, there’s nothing else Ken has to offer as a character besides being a kid and wanting to avenge his dead mother.

Persona 3 Movie 2: Summertime Is Bummertime

I fear there’ll be always a likely chance that a certain Persona-adaptation will end up being directed by Tomohisa Taguchi and because of that it will suck. That guy has directed two Persona-related things and both of them have sucked. This has become for me one of those directors that’s a warning signal more than anything else.

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Persona 3 Movie 01: Spring Of Birth – Review - 00010Oh, sure, that’s funny. You just HAVE to love meta-fictional humour when it’s SO on-the-nose that it feels like someone else’s snot crawling up your nostrils…

Persona 3 Movie 01: Suicide Is Painless – But Friendship’s Even Better

Persona: Trinity Soul… Now that was a weird beast if I ever saw one… It really had barely anything to do with the actual videogame-series. Like with all somewhat psychological supernatural thrillers, that one was way too whiny for my tastes. And the bad guy was an old man in a wheelchair, I mean, of course he wanted to do… stuff, evil stuff, Persona-evil-stuff, you know he had this bad gizmo that did stuff with the help of his Persona… which was evil because Persona are the expression of… you wanting to kick supernatural ass… or something… The point is, the old guy in the wheelchair was pissed off at the world and I mean, what else was he gonna do? Run a marathon? Look, he had his reasons, the good guys had their reasons, but they weren’t the ones in the wheelchair so you can guess how that ended for the old evil guy. And then everyone lived happily ever after and all that. Yeah, Persona Trinity Soul was a weird series… Anyway, that’s neither here nor there because I’m talking about the first movie in a series adapting Persona 3: The Videogame.

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