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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – 01 Review

He says it like they’ve suddenly become harmless teddybears because of that… They’re still giant monsters with tentacles and shit! And what does the Lovecraft-reference matter if the story’s “reality” disproves all notions of what Lovecraft is saying in his works?!

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 01: Cthulhu Is Actually Moe

You know, watching this series about the moe-version of the Cthulhu-mythos reminded me of this quote from Lovecraft: “It is only the inferior thinker who hastens to explain the singular and the complex by the primitive shortcut of supernaturalism.” Lovecraft’s horror was always something way beyond the understanding of the protagonist. His stories are about madness and fighting an evil far bigger than humanity but this series reduces it to the conflict of aliens with one side protecting a special human and the other trying to abduct it. There’s nothing original about the series and yet it wants to make Cthulhu-references for no reason besides that they can. The premise may have made you think that there’s something special about this show. There isn’t. It’s another generic dull shounen-series like so many others out there.

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