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Kimi to Boku Review

As promised, here is my review of Kimi to Boku. =)

Kimi to Boku Series Review

If I had to sum up my impression of the series in a sentence, it would be that the series reminds me of a gentle breeze on a warm sunny day. Nothing great but it does provide some form of relief.

Although the series never really breaks out of it’s laid back tone, it does deliver some relaxing entertainment that makes this an easy show to watch.

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Kimi to Boku – 06 Impression

It’s the end of Shun as we know it. =P

Episode 06 – Glasses and Et Cetera

Awww, you didn’t think that I had forgotten this series did you? =)

I finally managed to find some down time to watch this episode and I must say that I quite liked what I had seen for a couple of reasons:

  1. Shun finally gets a haircut
  2. The moral of the story focus was done in a pleasant manner

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Kimi to Boku – 04 Impression

Kaname: ‘When will I get my episode?’

Episode 04

This episode finally focuses on the mysterious bespectacled character – Kaname. =D

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Kimi to Boku – 03 Review

Yes! I am finally here!

Episode 03 – The Straw Coloured Boy
(geez, racist much?)

So the last of the group finally makes an appearance!

But does this change the way things are for this series?

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Kimi to Boku – 02 Impression

Episode 02

There are just times where you have things that you want to get off your mind yet don’t want to sit down and spend a long time writing a review.

As such, I have decided to try something new (for this blog) and write Impressions which will be pretty much like a mini-Review. (But I have this feeling that it will end up being long enough to be a review)

And so this is how we ended up here with the second Kimi to Boku getting the honor of being my trial impression review.

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