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Review-Roundup: Hidan no Aria AA 04/05, Beautiful Bones 05

_C12__Hidan_no_Aria_AA_-_04.mp4 - 00000The list of coming up with bullshit-school-life-plothooks is endless in Hidan no Aria AA when you have a character who apparently knows NOTHING about the school she has been going to for quite some time!

This time I review:

Hidan no Aria AA 04/05: It’s Quartet-season! Meaning four-person-teams will fight against each other to get good grades… I guess. Look, the series barely cares about this shit. The series’ scriptwriters apparently couldn’t care less about this project. Five episodes and this series has yet to move forward from the flimsy premise of its first episodes.

Beautiful Bones 05: Nobody dies. And they all lived happily ever after!

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Review-Roundup: Young Black Jack 03, Hidan no Aria AA 03

[C12] Hidan no Aria AA - 03.mp4 - 00001True love always starts with stalking the object of your love – according to Hidan no Aria AA.

This time I review:

Young Black Jack 03: Jack and whatever-her-name-is-girl have a little date in Jack’s rundown flat when they hear screams from a neighbor and investigate. After a bit back and forth it’s revealed that Jack’s neighbors are pesky pacifists who illegally try to help deserters from the American military. But one of the deserters has a bit of a problem, a medical problem, that is. The pacifists naturally force Jack to help them at gunpoint because really… pacifists are selfish bastards as Black Jack quickly realizes. Helping soldiers secretly escape from a war they should fight in just reeks of terrorism, don’t you think? Naturally Black Jack leaves the man to die but suddenly a ghostly doppelganger appears and urges him to save the man. But why should Black Jack use his genius-medical abilities to save a life if he hates pacifists so much…? Who knows why it is so important to save a life when you can, right…?! It’s a real nailbiter of a mystery, guys!

Hidan no Aria AA 03: There’s a little girl who likes her princes of the penis-less variety and said prince’s only wish is to be more girly. And thrown into the mix is a girl who’s as observant as a lemming – meaning you could trick her into jumping from a cliff. Of course, that’s the main-chara Akari and she tries her best to help the little girl get close to Raika who’s depressed about being so manly – while going to a school that wants her to be very manly. Look, the setting doesn’t matter. All that matters is to establish who wants to fuck who in this all-girls-setting.

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Review-Roundup: Subete ga F ni Naru 02, Hidan no Aria AA 01/02, Beautiful Bones 02, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 03

[C12] Subete ga F ni Naru - 02.mp4 - 00002Get it?! She doesn’t understand mundane stuff because she’s super-rich! It’s hilarious, isn’t it…?

This time I review:

Subete ga F ni Naru 02: Saiwaka, Nishinosono and… some other guys travel to the island where the genius Magata lives. After a load of exposition and some romantic shenanigans Saiwaka and Nishinosono arrive at the… let’s say, building where Magata lives and immediately become entangled in a shocking mystery.

Hidan no Aria AA 01/02: Despite the fact that Sherlock’s a fictional character as we all know, in this series there’s some tsundere-girl running around claiming to be his granddaughter or something. Another girl entirely who tries her hardest to be a moeblob wants fuck said Sherlock-granddaughter. Hilarity ensues!

Beautiful Bones 02: There’s a kid, there’s blood and there’s this boy who can’t help but get involved and when he gets involved, this other woman with genius-deduction-skills gets involved and that leads to a quick solution of the mystery. I probably can think of better ways to spend your freetime than doing the job of the police…

Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans 03: The orphan-revolt is happening fast and ends brutally. Also, some old dude with some old notions of honor and whatnot challenges the young genius-pilot Mikazuki to a duel.

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