Review-Roundup: CROSS ANGE 21, Aldnoah.Zero 20

[HorribleSubs] Cross Ange - 21 [480p].mkv - 00002HAHAHAHAHAHA… oh wait, she’s serious… Sure, she’s a girl after all. OF COURSE her most vulnerable moment had been her girlfriends sort-of not liking her hairstyle during a little party… while she got trained to become a soldier surrounded by other soldiers who saw combat and could die every day, mind you.

This time I review:

Cross Ange 21: Ange escapes with the help of Sala but it turns out she also needs the help of Momoka and Tusk (read: they needed to sacrifice themselves). Meanwhile, Chris fulfils the asshole-ratio of a typical Cross-Ange-episode just fine.

Aldnoah.Zero 20: Slaine continues to stop the shit from hitting the fan – and seems to lose control of the situation. On the other hand, Inaho does… stuff.

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Yurikuma Arashi – 08 Review

[C12] Yuri Kuma Arashi - 08.mp4 - 00007To quote a running-gag of the Archer-TV-series: Phrasing!

Does anyone even care that a frigging comet has caused all bears to become the enemy of mankind? I mean, not that it was different before that comet hit earth but you know you’re in trouble when animals start to talk to each other and shit. You could say, this series is the Yuri-Version of Planet of the Apes except you know the bears actually look like humans because Romeo & Juliet is great but bestiality isn’t, I guess.

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CROSS ANGE – 20 Review

[HorribleSubs] Cross Ange - 20 [480p].mkv - 00006Let’s set aside how this is another obvious joke aimed at Tusk and the tiresome running-gag associated with his character… Who actually told Hilda about this? Who the hell would say about a person “Oh, yeah, that dude is like mole – except he’s digging and flipping through a vagina instead of earth. Get it, digging and mole…?! That dude doesn’t even know what daylight looks like, that’s how often he’s down there between her legs!”

Cross Ange had been trash from the very beginning but it wasn’t very consistent in terms of trashiness. The series has a lot of crazy moments but it doesn’t have a lot of moments that seem absolutely crazy. Mostly it’s the fault of the series actually because you simply get used to whatever crazy shit the series usually does and since it does crazy shit all the time you end up feeling disappointed when the series misses a chance to up the ante. And this series has missed plenty of such chances. At times it even felt like the series took itself serious (but sadly not in an overblown, stupid way)! This series has a lot of crazy stuff but certainly not enough to be entertaining.

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Review-Roundup: Death Parade 07, Aldnoah.Zero 19

[C12] Death Parade - 07.mp4 - 00010I really like where Death Parade is going with its premise. There aren’t a lot of series that introduce a premise in order to immediately question and subvert it.

This time I review:

Death Parade 07: Another downtime-episode where the characters are just hanging around. The characters fill the time with flashbacks, introspective questions and goodnatured foolery.

Aldnoah.Zero 19: Slaine does some shit. Inaho does some shit. This week Slaine does more shit. Surprisingly the real princess does some shit. The fake-princess does some shit, too (in the hope that she will do some shit to Slaine in bed, it seems). But shit hasn’t hit the fan… yet.

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Yurikuma Arashi – 06/07 Review

[C12] Yuri Kuma Arashi - 06.mp4 - 00002Well, then again who actually would want to follow the social cues of a frigging cult, right?

Right now this series’ story feels like one of those that needs to be reminded that brevity is the soul of wit. After seven episodes it still feels like each new plottwist is based on someone sharing new information with the audience. Due to that the series never seems to move on and capitalize on the consequences of the happenings. So far the series has been circling around an unchanging status quo while explaining why that status quo exists. The death of Sumika has been the only meaningful event of this series. All the other stuff just has been a setup to clarify the situation. And yeah, none of this is very entertaining.

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Review-Roundup: CROSS ANGE 19, Rolling Girls 06

[C12] The Rolling Girls - 06.mp4 - 00000Foreshadowing! Also, way to go, Rolling Girls, using foreshadowing as a way to let a character say “I will do this at some point.” and then let said character do said thing. ‘Jumping the shark’ didn’t become a thing because the audience is too dumb to get what foreshadowing is.

This time I review:

Cross Ange 19: Ange gets captured by Salia and her two traitorous companions. Turns out this doesn’t result in a prisonbreak-sequence. Instead, Ange’s (sort-of) confronting Salia & Co and ends up meeting Embryo to… do stuff. She fails to kill him (of course… after all, the finale hasn’t started yet). And so we simply get a showcase of how Embryo enslaves girls.

Rolling Girls 06: Two sides hate each other. Their leaders want peace. They make peace. The End.

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Review-Roundup: Aldnoah.Zero 18, Death Parade 06

[HorribleSubs] Aldnoah Zero - 18 [480p].mkv - 00003This series loves to make its battles rely on the notion that the enemy is a total idiot. In this scenario… *sigh* One, apparently the distance between the Deucalion and the enemy-mecha is big enough for straight shots to miss. Two, missing the Deucalion means the Martian knight didn’t understand that the Earth is round. Yeah, it’s a trick that only works because Martians don’t understand that the Earth is round.

This time I review:

Aldnoah.Zero 18: Inaho deals with another pesky Martian knight. So does Inaho. The princess awakens… at the VERY END. Guess something interesting is finally happening.

Death Parade 06: A girl meets her idol. Said idol is a bit of sleazeball. The girl doesn’t mind. Hilarity ensues… supposedly.

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Review-Roundup: Death Parade 05, Rolling Girls 05

[C12] The Rolling Girls - 05.mp4 - 00004Only in Japanese series would a food-fight be something far more complicated than gradeschoolers throwing spaghetti at each other during lunchbreak.

This time I review:

Death Parade 05: The Black-Haired Woman has amnesia (yeah, big suprise, isn’t it?). Turns out she has a background-story, a peculiar one going by the worldbuilding this series has done so far and… since she has amnesia that’s a concern for later episodes. Right now, we are supposed to feel satisfied with getting vague hints and stuff like that.

Rolling Girls 05: Some people want to beat each other up, a few think it’s a bad idea. The main-characters share that opinion and try their best to defuse the situation! Also, some grandpa and his granddaughter are unable to be very honest about their feelings. Cue up cheesy drama-sequences until the series decides these characters can actually be honest about their feelings!

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Review-Roundup: Aldnoah.Zero 17, CROSS ANGE 18

[HorribleSubs] Aldnoah Zero - 17 [480p].mkv - 00002In this scene Inaho’s sister says a lot about why she regrets having made Inaho into a soldier and yet she not once explains why exactly she had ever thought that to be a good idea in the first place. Regret implies there had been a time where she had thought this to be a good idea and yet this scene never explains what said “good idea” had been.

This time I review:

Aldnoah.Zero 17: The Earth-Forces have captured one of the Martian Knights and Inaho has special plans for him. Also, the fake-princess suddenly realizes that most of the Vers-Empire believes her to be the real princess and this leads to some pesky person challenging Slaine to a duel.  Yep, a lot of more stuff nobody really gives a shit about, I imagine.

Cross Ange 18: You would think everybody would be happy to have Ange back and to hear of how the Dragons are actually good guys who will help Libertus. But no, we still have a couple episodes to kill before this series’ finale can happen. Cue pointless drama based on sudden characterization-reversals! Turns out that Jill has become a bit of an asshole in Ange’s absence and she’s quick to show off her assholish nature which leads to Ange, Tusk and Vivian leaving… only to be found by Salia and the other traitors… AGAIN.

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Yurikuma Arashi – 05 Review

[C12] Yuri Kuma Arashi - 05.mp4 - 00003That was a ridiculous fanservice-moment. It would’ve been better, though, if it hadn’t been like the third daydream-fanservice-sequence in this episode.

I’m still kinda hoping that this series is going for something deeper than “love is good”. Right now it isn’t a very remarkable series. It’s stylish but somewhat ordinary on the story-front. And the characters haven’t developed much depth either. It’s all catchphrases with the dialogue in this series but genuine emotional moments that delve deeper into the reasons for what the characters are doing come rarely. This series needs one hell of a third-act-reveal to make up for this somewhat ordinary first half (with the style being the only remarkable thing about it).

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