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Mirai Nikki – 10 Impression

Episode 10 – Family Plan

Apart from the small important moments (that had seemed to push the plot forward) that were spread throughout the episode, the rest of the “in-between” moments had felt pretty dismissive in it’s content.

I was wondering through the episode if this was meant to be a filler episode or if this was actually part of the manga as the actual situations had felt disconnected from the on-going plot with only the important points being thrown into the mix so as to make the scene relevant.

Since the main points of the episode can be summarized relatively quickly, I shall only be doing a short impression on the episode.

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Mirai Nikki – 09 Review

Episode 09 – Blocked Call

What an oddly inconsistent episode.


The tension through the whole episode was pretty much a hit and miss for me, coupled with some anti-climatic moments thrown into the mix. After watching this episode, all I want to say is that I hope we see more of Akise in the future episodes to come.

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Mirai Nikki – 08 Impression

This is how feel  at times.

Episode 08 – New Model

So how many of you had expected things to turn out the way they did?

The show starts with Yuki entering a new school and essentially introduces a whole new group of people to the series.

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Mirai Nikki – 07 Impression

Episode 07 – Dial Tone


I know that I said I might review it later in the week, but I simply could not help myself.

Damn, this was another good episode of Mirai Nikki.

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Mirai Nikki – 06 Impression

Episode 06 -Vibrate Mode

Here is my one day late impression of Mirai Nikki.

This episode had felt partially like a recap episode of the series up until now. But like I had said, it was a partial recap since the plot does progress a slight bit in this episode.

I know it a tad late in the game for me to have just discovered the “mini movie” things at the end after the EDs. I usually simply turn off the show once the ED is done as I don’t want to spoil myself by watching the trailer for the next ep. =P So if you are like me and don’t watch pass the ED, then you might want to check out those little segments they have after each episode because it is pretty entertaining and a lot better than some of the other series that do this after-episode “corner” thing.

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Mirai Nikki – 05 Review

Not funny? I’m sorry. =P

Episode 05 – Voice Memo

This was another solid episode for Mirai Nikki.

I can still remember how uninterested I had felt when I had seen the first couple of episodes of Mirai Nikki, but for the last 3 weeks, each episode has been better than the last. I guess by rule of majority, this show is definitely one to watch this season.

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Mirai Nikki – 04 Impression

Episode 04 – Power of the Phone

Wow, this was another strong episode for Mirai Nikki.

This series is quickly turning into one of my favourites of the season despite it’s shaky start. If this keeps up, I might end up turning into a psycho just like all the characters in this show. =P

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Mirai Nikki – 03 Impression

Sadism breeds sadism, is it any wonder why I find joy in Yuki’s predicaments?

Episode 03

Jesus, what an episode.

I thought I was going to be disappointed again, but damn, that was a good ending to the episode.

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Mirai Nikki – 02 Review

“I can’t believe that someone actually likes me”
(oh you poor naive fool)

Episode 02

As someone who has not read the manga, I have to say that based off what I have seen the last two episodes, this series gives off the impression that it is having issues executing it’s content effectively.

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Mirai Nikki – 01 Review

I like the reaction of the teacher who’s just like ‘Whatever, just make sure to write something.’, he really doesn’t care that much about his students, does he?

Reviews by M0rg0th and Saranaufogus

M0rg0th: Mirai Nikki is one of the series that will receive probably a lot of attention due to the popularity of the original manga series. And the first episode did a good job of introducing the story while also keeping it suspenseful enough to make it entertaining. Mirai Nikki is the dark shounen-series about Yukki, an introvert weirdo, who has an even weirder friend who makes him participate in a deadly contest of survival.

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