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Jormungand – 02 Review

That was definitely the best moment of the episode. That was the first time the series managed to mix the fun of action and the grittiness in my eyes. They definitely should have more moments like those.

Jormungand 02: One Should Only Sell To Those Who Can Afford It

One thing that intrigues me about this series is the way it portrays Arms-Dealers. Right now it seems like they’re some kind of merciless businessman dealing with matters of death and destruction. And they’re surrounded by elite-soldiers, not normal soldiers because those are the sorry idiots actually buying the weapons to kill other nameless sorry idiots. But who are these Arms-Dealers? What motivates them to do business? Is it just for profit? But profit for whom? Are they independent? Or are they working for some big company behind them? If episode 01 has said anything about it, it’s that there’s no real common ground when it comes to Arms-Dealers. Apparently they are all more or less wicked but the series seems to go for a more personal route where the definition of Arms-Dealer greatly depends on the characters. But I guess as long as we don’t get some preachy ‘clash of Arms-Dealers-philosophies’, I’m fine with that. And this series seems to have a tendency to explain every women’s presence in this gritty setting by her being somewhat batshit insane. I hope this series will feature female soldiers who aren’t crazy on some level because it certainly got already tiresome with the third women appearing in this show who’s crazy.

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Jormungand – 01 Review

If they would only act like they look! Instead they get the sort of dialogue my grandma would perhaps call “badass”…

Jormungand 01: A Kid Who Wants To Be Terminator

To be honest, I did have some hopes for this series but the first episode was boring as hell. I mean, alone the kid…! His parents were killed by a plane so he gets into his head that somehow all weapons on earth are to blame for that and he turns into some sort of Terminator which means he’s a soulless killing-machine all of a sudden. How did a kid without parents learn to become a perfect killer with the cold detachment of a seasoned veteran?! The story offers no explanation but instead philosophizes about the paradox of mastering weapons when you actually hate them. Couldn’t they just avoid such a stupid discussion? But no, that’s all they ever care about in the episode and they think with that the characterization of the kid is done! He’s still a soulless killing-machine, though! How do you explain that part?! It’s a disappointment from beginning to end… Jormungand definitely isn’t one of the series where I look forward to watching the second episode.

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