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Acchi Kocchi – 01 Review

It’s funny because the girl actually wanted to share the bicycle… Yeah, that’s the kind of jokes you’re gonna get watching Acchi Kocchi.

Acchi Kocchi 01: Love Can Be Very Boring

A comedy-series about awkward romantic relationships is what it wants to be. Boredom in its purest form is what I got from it. After four minutes I checked the time hoping it would be soon over. Acchi Kocchi is a no-brainer for the creators and the audience apparently. Because it features uninspired jokes that get explained afterwards since that’s just the kind of shit kids want to see. It’s also cute or perhaps I should say it takes the concept of moe and throws it at you like you’re supposed to make it funny using your own imagination. But I’m very sure that no imagination can save this show from being one hell of a torture-chamber full of stupidity and blandness.

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