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No Game, No Life – 01-05 Review

_C12__No_Game_No_Life_-_05.mp4 - 00008Guess, chivalry’s dead after all…

Well, I guess you could do worse than create an anime about Otakus whose solution to life is to not live life on this world at all and instead become kings in some fantasy-land. And the Otakus are naturally free to indulge all their vices and bully the shit out of those worms who can’t compete with their apparent superiority. This series is escapism and wish-fulfillment, is what I’m saying. Doesn’t mean that it’s bad, just means that it doesn’t have anything of substance to say. But after five episodes this series is still worlds ahead of M3. That fanservice, though… and the whole otaku-pandering… I mean, I play videogames, I watch animes (obviously) and it’s frustrating (for me at least) to see someone think that a person with such interests would like to see some of the stuff on display in this series. Liking videogames and animes should mean more than that.

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