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Flip Flappers – 13 Review

flip 1301

Ah, of course, blood… How else are you supposed to make anything look (supposedly) badass?

Flip Flappers 13: Turns out Cocona’s grandma is a robot, so nobody’s surprised to find out that her mother is some weird science-experiment-monster. But things are a bit more complicated than you’d think and her mother is a good guy but during the escape, she turned into a bad guy. Go figure what Cocona is supposed to do about that.

As all bad mothers, Mimi wants to smother her daughter Cocona in comfort. Naturally, Cocona rejects this since she had just accepted Papika’s proposal (which teaches you something about where persistence gets you in the dating-world).

What follows is a lot of fighting. But who can possibly know what will happen when the good guys battle the villain during the last episode of a series…

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Flip Flappers – 10 Review


Does this evil cult that can experiment on kids, has a robot-army and can indoctrinate grandmas really need world-domination? The way it looks to me, they already control the world.

Flip Flappers 10: Shit hits the fan!

… Also, a lot of exposition!

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Flip Flappers – 09 Review


You just have to applaud the writers of this episode for their financial conscience to leave this colorful space-environment behind and go to a… bland empty white room. Animes get so much cheaper when the world’s empty and white.

Flip Flappers 09: Yayaka is about to be replaced by a new Amorphous Child. This is very sudden for Yayaka who seems to have forgotten that she has been constantly prioritizing Cocona’s safety so far. But she manages to convince her bosses that she should be given a last chance (spoiler: … to make the same mistakes again).

Also, Cocona doesn’t trust Papika (again) and Papika wins her trust back (again) by obsessively chasing after her (again).

And only at the end of this episode does it occur to Cocona to ask who Mimi is. (At this rate, we will find out what the stones are for around episode 20 or so, I imagine.)

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Flip Flappers – 06-08 Review


As they say: Hell is other people.

Flip Flappers 06-08 Review: Cocona & Papika continue to have wacky adventures in Pure Illusion… more or less.

On one of their adventures, they inadvertently do the whole Inception-thing and on another Cocona is spending the entire time with various versions of Papika that try to please her.

Oh, and Yayaka has grown a conscience because of Cocona.

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Flip Flappers – 04/05 Review


The series remains “subtle” as ever in what genres it tackles…

Flip Flappers 04/05: Teamwork is all about friendship. And so to improve their teamwork, Cocona and Papika start living together which leads to them getting stranded on a deserted island. (Go figure how someone thought that was a good idea for an episodic plot.)

Having escaped the island… Papika and Cocona try to end their losing streak. Due to this, they end up in a creepy all-girls-school with a little Groundhog-Day-problem. And while it’s raining blood outside, everybody’s gay inside the school.

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Flip Flappers – 01-03 Review

flip 0101

Guess, somebody’s watched Mad Max: Fury Road…

Flip Flappers 01-03: Take a teenager who doesn’t enjoy life, lives in a weird world and then catapult them into the center of the universe, figuratively. It’s certainly one hell of a way to grow up, I guess. Cocona, a girl who lives a comfortable life with her weird grandma, suddenly gets thrown into the world of Pure Illusion. With her new friend Papika and some robot called Bu-chan they do the usual adventuring in order to weird jewels that make wishes come true. Of course, that isn’t of much value to Cocona who still has no idea what to do with her life. Thankfully, the world of Pure Illusion is a nice distraction from having to deal with that.

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