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Ben-To – 05 Review

Well, clearly someone who fights other people over half-priced bentos has to have a high tolerance for weird preferences…

Ben-To 05: Evil Is Good With A Tragic Past

The fifth episode sets the stage for the opening shot of villainy in this series. Monarch, an evil bastard, who somehow can’t get over the fact that he actually isn’t a monarch strives to be the Godfather of Ben-To-fighting in both east AND west. An evil plan is threatening to disturb the violent peace of the jungle in which all the Wolves and Dogs live fighting over half-priced bentos.

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Ben-To – 04 Impression

Episode 04

This week we are introduced to a new character – The Beauty by the Lake.

Sometimes I wonder how they come up with these names. =_=”

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Ben-To – 03 Review

Exactly, let’s just fight for food again like back in the good ol’ times (with which I mean the Stone Ages)!

So, I’ve decided to blog Ben-To simply because it’s more entertaining for me at the moment. Un-Go definitely has a deeper story to offer but I think the characterizations are dull and the storytelling is flawed. Whereas Ben-To is simple fun.

On another note: I will review Shakugan no Shana III Episode 3 together with the 4th episode since the 3rd was basically a recap.

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Ben-To – 02 Impression

Sure could have fooled me

Episode 02

Okay, so the second episode of this shows pretty much proves that this series is nonsense that is meant to entertain. 

Although the last part of the episode did help me with understanding the merit with regards to food being more meaningful and tastier when you put some effort into obtaining it,  everything else is best ignored and enjoyed without using your brain.

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Ben-To – 01 Review

So today, I am going to purposely pick the half-price one again and get myself beaten to a pulp.

Episode 01

Reviews by Saranaufogus and M0rg0th:


What the hell is wrong with this show?!

This Ben-To anime is based off the light novels of the same name by Asaura. I have not read the light novels and so I can only tell you what I feel about this episode and what I have learned from it.

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