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Glasslip – Episode 04 Review

Sorry Kakeru

Glasslip 04 – Kakeru Heads for a Different Series

I hereby pronounce Glasslip dead. Or maybe I should say that I hereby pronounce that I would very much enjoy seeing all of the characters in Glasslip die gruesome, shocking deaths as soon as possible. I can’t handle another week of this dull, uninteresting crap.

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Glasslip – Episode 03 Review

Glass balls

Glasslip 03 – Homegirl Still Can’t Drive

Why on earth did I pick this series to review?? This week’s installment of Glasslip was the most bland thing I have seen all week. Not only did Yukinari’s dramatic confession have absolutely no real effect on the characters, the series revealed absolutely nothing about Touko’s psychic powers.

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Glasslip – 02 Review

Future Vision

Glasslip 02 – What’s going on here?

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit – I’m not entirely sure about some of the things presented in this episode. Although the main plot events were clear, there were a lot of little discrepancies that I noticed throughout, which made me wonder: exactly what is going on here? I watched it three times because I thought I was going crazy, but I’ve come to the conclusion that there was something noticeably “off” throughout this episode. Read on for some specific examples – and make sure to let me know what you think is happening!

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Glasslip – 01 Review

chicken party

Glasslip 01 – Fireworks

I’m always attracted to anime that involve something other than high school kids hanging out, running the student council, and having superpowers. Obviously, as an anime fan, I am okay with those types of story set-ups, but I was hoping for something different in Glasslip. After watching the first episode, I’m not so sure I will get what I wanted; I honestly have no idea what this series will bring.

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