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Zombie Loan Review

May Contain Spoilers
Zombie Loan on ANN

Zombie Loan is a short anime that consist of only 11 episodes in total.

The storyline is about 3 highschoolers. 2 guys,

Chika Akatsuki

and Shito Tachibana, who cheated death and have become Zombies and now have to work of the debt that they have if they wish to ever become human once again. The 3rd character is our heroine, Michiru Kita. She has the ability to see the black rings that appear around the necks of zombies or people who are about to die. Through different circumstances she found herself caught up in weird place where she has to aid these 2 classmates in their fight against zombies.

In the midst of the story is a business called Zombie Loan. Zombie loan deals with zombies and the guiding of these zombies into the afterlife. The boss is a really calculative man when it comes to money but he is not an unlikable character. Anyway, debts and loans and the afterlife is basically what this company is about.

Throughout the span of the anime, we are presented with a lot of unanswered questions. Who is Shito? Why is he special? They kept saying until the end that he is special, but to me these 2 zombie kids are really useless. As for the girl, what is her purpose, she seems like an extra character.
I feel like when i am watching the anime everything is a mess. Everything felt random. As though on moment they realized that they have neglected the heroine for too long or she has been useless for too long so they make her use her “Skill” (god knows what exactly her skill is, one minute she is able to see zombies and death, the next minute she is like a homing bird that is able to zoom in on her target.^^;)
Back to Shito, what is he and why is he a zombie? You find out that everything is not what it is. But you have no idea exactly what you have found out. The only non complicated character that i find likable would be Chika.

You find out at the end of the series that the boss is not who he is, there is this organization called the ring, Shito’s boss or whoever he is has lived for a hundred years or so and the Grim reaper is a small cute little thing cos his core has been stolen by a human being(god knows why and who did it).

I felt like the whole anime is the introduction of an essay and the student decided that he was too tired to continue writing. Either that or he got smart cos he realized that it was too much trouble to answer all the questions presented.

Either ways, it was a waste of time, the animation is mediocre and everything else leaves much to be desired. They thrown in a few yuri moments that were weird and totally pointless except that they may have felt that having those moments would recapture the male audience’s attention. Even the most basic questions are not answered and nothing is resolved.

Unless you have plenty of time on your hands or want to just have an anime to pass your time without having to concentrate too much then this is it for you. There are plenty better anime out there, but if you are fresh out of stuff to watch then consider this anime.

Weird to say but, if they made a sequel i would actually watch it. I actually found it quite entertaining and forgetable(that is why i am blogging about it). I guess the bright colors and the better-than-average-looking male characters, throw in some action and it is enough for me to wanna continue to watch it.

It would be much better if the questions were all answered. But i dont see that happening except for maybe in the manga.

I guess there are just animes that are bad enough to make you know it is not good, and yet it is able to intrigue you.

p.s. the characters(male) are like stick figures. ^^; and michiru(e gal) is NOT a good character design for a heroine. She seems like one of those cute empty shells that the male fandom would love.

Rating? -drumroll- …. do i dare rate a…. 6.5/10!

a 7 would be kind of an insult to the 7s out there, but it is not as bad as a 6 soo… 6.5 it is!

-ra out!