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Eureka Seven Ao – 05 Review

It’s weird, who’d buy this explanation when your hair had a normal colour until it changed suddenly into a freaky turquoise. “Yeah, your mother had the same… it’s fine.” No, it isn’t! He still has a strange hair-colour nobody else shares with him! Shouldn’t he ask himself instead who his mother really was? She obviously wasn’t a normal person…

Eureka Seven Ao 05 – Random Side-Characters Dying Isn’t A Cliffhanger

Eureka Seven Ao has been a solid series so far, I have to say. It’s nothing outstanding but the characters do what they’re supposed to do, the setting is good and the story develops nicely so far. It’s just that there’s nothing to it. You have all these things and they’re well-executed but they lack meaning. There’s no real impact behind the information this series is giving. The depth which would enable to get into the series’ mindset is missing. I think that’s the one big thing that keeps this series from being as awesome as it could be. Because as far as the surface is concerned it’s a great shounen-series. It just has nothing to offer beside the generic front so far.

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Eureka Seven Ao – 02 Review

If anything the first two episodes of including Eureka in the plot with a lot of flashbacks and hints at her presence like Ao’s turquoise hair and Nirvash’s reaction to Ao piloting it. That makes it all the more interesting to see how big her role in this story will be even if she’s just a figure from the past.

Eureka Seven Ao 02: The Anime Where Turquoise Hair Is Actually Weird

Eureka Seven Ao is a really visually stunning series. Along with Fate/Zero II and Aquarion Evol this series knows how to impress visually. That’s just another thing it shares with Eureka Seven. What Eureka Seven didn’t have was a tsundere with serious health-problems talking ominously about the future. Yeah, I’m talking about Naru who is kinda the moral support for Ao and weeps for him if he starts whining about his turquoise hair. Strangely he remembers his mother dying her hair so… isn’t that inspiration enough to do the same? He doesn’t need the turquoise hair to save the world, does he? But no, what does he do? He runs to a lonely place and gets all mushy staring at the sea. In the first episode I expected him to have turquoise hair only when piloting Nirvash but now it seems like he’s tuck with the terrible hair. He could shave off the hair, too, now that I think of it, becoming a Buddhist monk. Not that it will happen but I sure hope he won’t be whining about his turquoise hair again because there are options.

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Eureka Seven Ao – 01 Review

You’d think having a prophet as girlfriend would stop him from making sentimental prophecies as well…

Eureka Seven Ao 01: Not Quite Eureka Seven 2.0

When I reviewed the crappy spin-off-Movie “A Pocket Full of Rainbows” I said in the beginning: “Eureka Seven is a popular Shounen Series and when I say ‘popular’ I mean ‘Someone somewhere will probably think about how to make more money out of this’. This movie is someone somewhere trying to make more money out of Eureka Seven.” This series? Same thing pretty much. There are so many series out there that deserve a sequel but instead sequels are invented because the original series was popular or you have a series which was planned as a 2-cours-series from the start but got turned into two seasons instead. While Eureka Seven Ao wasn’t really on my list of “most anticipated series” from this season I have to say that the first episode was quite solid as far as shounen-series are concerned.

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