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Nabari no Ou – 03

Episode 3 – Assault


Okay, so the first 5 minutes was once again a flashback + OP.
I hope that they do not plan on doing this every single episode, it is just such a waste of good air time.

As the title of the episode stated, it is basically about the Assault of the village that we saw in the previous episode. Read the rest of this entry

Nabari no Ou – 02

Episode 2 – Raimei, Arrives

Episode 2 of Nabari no Ou…. oooo….


So the new ep starts off by having a recap on what happened in the previous episode.. (don’t worry, the recap is not like Naruto’s where it can take up half an episode). Then the OP starts. I love the OP, nice music, pretty images, really relaxing.

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Nabari no Ou OP & ED

[requested by Trowa]

[click screen caps for bigger view]

OP – Crawl by Veltpunch

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Nabari no Ou – 01

Episode 1 – The Awakened One
(dang that is one cliche title =_=! )

Rokujou Miharu is a boy who has a hijustu (hidden technique) living inside of him. This hijustu is the power of creation. Many ninja clans are seeking it as the one who posesses it becomes the ruler of the ninja world. Rokujou’s classmate Kouichi started a nindou (“Way of the Ninja”) club at school with Kumohira, his English teacher. Read the rest of this entry