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Isshuukan Friends – 03-07 Reviews

isshuukan-friendsThis show had me running to my kitchen to make myself some tamagoyaki. (o^–^o)v

Batch Review of Isshuukan Friends – Episodes 03 to 07


A few episodes  Many episodes have passed since my review of Isshuukan Friends and a lot has happened in the show.

From starting off as a two man show, our main characters have moved onto greater things – new friends have joined the group, parents have found their way into a storyline, and there is much progress on the front of Kaori’s selective memory.

I’ve been pretty busy recently and haven’t had the time to write many reviews, so hopefully you’ll forgive me for this late review. 🙂

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Sakasama no Patema – Movie Review

sakasama-no-patemaPatema Inverted

I’ve been waiting for this movie for awhile and it’s finally out.

The last anime movie that I could remember watching and liking was ‘Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki’, if you haven’t seen it, then you should watch it because that was good.

Sakasama no Patema definitely has the “intriguing” aspect locked down with it’s storyline of upside down people, the clashing of societies. Throw in some metaphors and some “what is the meaning of life”-sort of questionable moments and you’ve got yourself something to watch this weekend.

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Mushishi Zoku Shou – Episode 04 and 05 Review


Episode 04 – The Hand that Caresses the Night
Episode 05 – Mirror Lake

I finally found the time to catch up on the latest 2 episodes of Mushishi and it never disappoints me.

It’s been really cold down under recently and watching this 2 episodes in the dark with a tiny candle to keep me warm definitely helped with building the atmosphere especially since as usual, this series tries it’s hardest to suck you into the mood of things with it’s ambient sound effects, soothing voice actors and heartwarming stories.

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Summer 2014 Anime Lineup


It’s that time of the season again where production companies are starting to release PVs for the animes that are out next season.

To help us get a better overview on what’s out next season, we’ve created a page listing the animes that might be of interest that are airing in Summer 2014 and we hope that this will help you out as well. =)


Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii – 01 – 04 Review


Episode 01 – 04 Review

I think I’ve found my favourite series of this season.

Yeap, it s a shoujo one.

Although this series may not have the best animation, nor the prettiest characters, or anywhere near having the most intriguing or original storyline around, it definitely has charm.

As vague as this sounds, there’s just something about it that makes me loves this series so much that I am off to re-watch the first four episodes again.

But before I do that, I shall try my best to restraint the fangirl in me and to provide you all with a review of this series.

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Captain Earth – First Impression Review


Episode 1 and 2 Review

So…. this is another mecha series that’s airing this season. I know that 4 episodes are currently out and I am a bit late with this review, but… better late than never right? I tried, I really did try to watch episode 3 but oh my god, I just couldn’t put myself through more of it.

And honestly, I didn’t really want to write a review of this show, but I felt like I just had to vent my frustration somehow. So forgive me if I come across as more of an idiot than usual in this review.

Perhaps it’s just me (and if it is please tell me), but the show came across as being corny, painful and oh so cheesy at times.

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Haikyuu!! – First Impression Review


Haikyuu!! – First Impressions


That’s the sentiment that I was left with by the end of the third episode of this new series. That, and the need to watch more episodes. “Give me more!!

Although this might not be “the best sport series ever”, it is definitely worth a watch.

Haikyuu!! has a way of charming the viewer into looking past it’s predictable storyline, and this is going to be one series that I will continue to follow for this season.

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Mushishi Zoku Shou – 03 Review


Episode 03 – Beneath The Snow

I couldn’t resist watching the latest episode of Mushishi (because its great to watch something soothing when you don’t feel great) and that’s how this review came about. 🙂

The episode reminded me of a quote from one of my favorite poems that I had studied some time back in school:

“The only other sound’s the sweep  
Of easy wind and downy flake…”

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Soul Eater Not! – First Impression

soul-eater-not!Maybe, maybe not…

Soul Eater Not! – First Impression

“Oh wow…”

Before I get onto explaining my above reaction to the series, let me just say that I enjoyed the original series Soul Eater quite a bit back in the day, so if you are watching this series expecting to see more of your favorite show, then I shall advise that you give this a miss.

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Brother’s Conflict Anime Review


“Where do I begin… To tell the story of how great a love can be”

I am sure many of you would know that opening sentence to Andy William’s song, Love Story.

Well, forget about it, this ain’t that great love story that you might be after.

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