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Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise – Review

[Leon-Sub] Expelled From Paradise mtHD BD 10bit CRF24 Sub.mkv - 00008Dingo has it all figured out in this movie: He ALWAYS knows what to do when and how in order to be successful. I don’t think he makes a single mistake in this movie.

Now that the season has started, I guess, I should figure out what I want to blog. Right now, my plan is to blog the following series: Yuri Kuma Arashi, The Rolling Girls, Aldnoah.Zero, Cross Ange. I didn’t write a review for the second episode of Yuri Kuma Arashi because… yeah, a little bit of stuff happens and the rest is just stylized repetition. Hopefully the third episode will be more interesting. As for the Rolling Girls: That first episode was great! Except… I’ve read the synopsis and… the story that’s described there is TOTALLY different from what the first episode tackled story-wise. So, I guess, the series truly starts with the second episode…? Anyway, that’s my plan so far. As for this review… That movie didn’t interest me at all when I first read its synopsis and saw a few screenshots but then I found out that Gen Urobuchi had written the script for it.

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