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Saint Seiya Omega – 01 Review

Hey, that’s no way to treat a kid! Besides, anyone would be disobedient considering he spent his whole childhood continuously getting beaten up by a woman with too much testosterones.

Saint Seiya Omega 01: Being A Saint Is About Beating Up People

I actually wondered about why I haven’t seen this yet despite the fact it’s been one of the early releases in the Spring Season. After watching it I know that it was probably my common sense protecting me from it. It’s a story about another shitty brat trying to be manly – and failing. Although I have to admit it’s a hard job considering his situation. There are only three male characters in the show: One is a butler (or something…), the other is the kid and then we have a cheesy dramaqueen as rolemodel for the kid. Great! His inspiration made me yell ‘Shut up!’ at the screen because of how cheesy he is. And the kid is now trying to be like that guy?! That’s just going from one disaster to another, first it’s whining about a clipped fingernail and then it’s gushing about honour and shit instead of just getting on with it. If that tells you anything it’s that this series can only get worse… or perhaps it just stays that bad all the way through.

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