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Kuroko’s Basketball – 01 Review

That’s not an ability! That’s just sad! And seriously, can’t Kuroko do something about it? Like perhaps dressing like a clown or something? He creeps the hell out of his environment by popping out of nowhere like that…

Kuroko’s Basketball 01: Basketball Allows Invisibility Now

Shouldn’t there be rules that stop someone like Kuroko from messing up the sport? He’s a frigging alien, that’s what he is! He doesn’t behave like a human, he doesn’t play basketball like a human and worst of all: He can turn himself invisible! How unfair is that?! Next thing we know we see Superman just flying over the heads of his opponents with the ball… I can stomach a lot of exceptional talent as a plot-device for a protagonist but it shouldn’t be so obviously game-breaking, should it? Aren’t there enough normal people there to play the sport normally? I can just picture the last episode being this epic brutal battle and the people in the audience are like: “What the hell… We wanted to see a basketball-game and not a Power-Rangers-live-action-movie…”.

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