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Shugo Chara ep 01-10

Shugo Chara on ANN

You into anime like CardCaptor Sakura?
Or how about Sailormoon?
A little romance, little cute characters, child-like dialogue?

Well then, this would be the anime for you!^^

But it is not the anime for me.
I like some fun and some cute characters etc etc. That is probably why I manage to watch until ep 10 and might still continue to follow the series. The charcters are not the prettiest in the world and neither are they the smartest. It is a VERY shojo anime, (my cousin watched(he is a guy) and he felt botherline gay) so guys stay away!

Just check out these screen captures

Everyone at Seiyo Elementary thinks Hinamori Amu is the coolest girl in class. But, she’s nothing like that. Amu’s actually a very shy girl who wishes to have courage to truly be herself. One morning, she found three mysterious, little eggs in her bed. Each egg contains a “Guardian Character”. These guardians are angel-like beings that can give a human a certain power to change their abilities. With help help from these Guardian Characters, Amu will discover that her true self is even more amazing than she ever dreamed. – Anime News Network

It is overly pink. But not in the nice classy way Ouran used it. This is really femenine pink. Cutesy fairies, eggs in childrens heart. Character designs that make my skin crawl (yes it is that bad, if i were 5 it would be cute and all, but not when i am 21) Very obvious dialogue, and dont expect anything deeper than the what 5 year olds need to know. Cleanse evil (yes, not kill, but purify them), high pitch cute villians, very very sad powers, action/fighting sequences that make me wanna cry. I would have to say the the fillers are better to watch than the actually plot itself. If you get rid of the fighting and anything related to the Shugo Chara power plot, it is quite a relaxing comedy to watch.

But that is not the case because fillers are few and far apart.
I never imagined the day where i would actually complain about the lack of fillers. <g>

If that is not enough to convice you then think watch the OP sequence.

Shugo Chara OP

BUT, while i may not like it, i do have friends who love it. (the friend who pass me this anime) I guess we all have different expectations and tastes.
I am not saying it is a bad anime, it is a good anime for children (i know i can’t seem to stop stressing on the children point).

Give the first 2 eps a try if you are interested and you basically get the gist of the rest of the eps.

Rating? 5/10
I saw cardcaptor sakura a few months ago and while it is might be childish i actually liked it quite a bit. This was more painful to watch. =S

-ra out!