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Black Rock Shooter – 02 Review

It’s great that the only sense of humour we get to see in this show is Kagari’s. Because an animal being eaten alive by ants is just the kind of thing the whole audience can laugh about alongside Kagari, right?

Black Rock Shooter 02 – It’s Weird To Pity Sick People

It’s great to see a series taking Horror seriously like this one. Kagari is one hell of a character (I’m still thinking of The Exorcist every time she appears on screen). But Saya is just as good. Normally you’d think that when you ask for advice concerning a friendship you’d get to hear about stuff you could actually do. Saya, though, tells Kuroi only mystical vague stuff about “other worlds” and what friendship really means (Summary: It’s even more complicated than you think). Kuroi and Takanashi are so pure and naive on the other hand that it wouldn’t surprise me when it’s revealed that they can walk on water. I do like the imagery of the Apocalyptic Bathroom, I have to admit. In the real world Kuroi screams that Takanashi should break up her ties with Kagari which translates into a scene in the Apocalyptic Bathroom where BRS beheads Kagari. But still the series claims that Kuroi doesn’t hate anyone and doesn’t want to be hated by anyone. Truly amazing how the biggest pacifist of the world could have a “subconscious” that’s all about killing stuff.

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Black Rock Shooter – 01 Review

Oh my God, don’t make it sound so easy! That’s obviously all the story this series has to offer!

Black Rock Shooter 01 – You Can’t Choose Your Family

So, Black Rock Shooter: Scariest horror-series of the season, I would say. That sister is simply nuts, I’m not surprised if she starts speaking backwards and gets a voice like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan The Barbarian. Seriously, I can’t blame Takanashi for wanting to keep people (including her parents) away from her home with that kind of sister. And did I mention that she’s frigging nuts? This creepy sister is a control-freak as well who tries to tell Takanashi how she should live her life. But she doesn’t talk to her sister face-to-face because that’s something normal people would do, no, she uses a sort of tin-can telephone. Anything more of this weird stuff and this might turn into Twilight Zone. Well, not like the series already has its own Twilight Zone… sort-of.

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