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Darker Than BLACK – Bonus Episode

Darker than BLACK on ANN

Rendevous at the playground for Hei and his gang.

It is spring time in the world of Darker than BLACK and the gang is back once again. This episode takes place before the whole situation in the final arc(Gate) of the series.

I love this series. It is not great, but there is a sort of charm to this series that keeps me wanting more.

Anyway, this episode is quite fun, you get to see the police gang and hei’s gang again. They are chasing after some sort of chemical that was taken out from beyond the Gate and a special code. While this may have been the main catalyst for the events that happen, i felt that the idea of relationships and love was more of the main issue in this episode.

Hei’s secret is revealed!!! Ooooo….nice.

and who see this? none other than…

the police lady and collarbones girl. ^^

and due to our poor kitty having a lover, he got so shocked that he dropped the secret product.


What happens?

T_T everyone forgot what happened.
So while I support the nice revelation, I wished that they did not lose their memories right after that. It is just sad….

Ok, what caused the memory lost? That pink thing that you see above.
What does it contain? Watch and find out.
But if you don’t have the time to watch it then….. here is the answer… an allergy medicine..

While it was fun to watch, there was really not much of a point to the episode except to entertain the fans of Darker Than BLACK who are craving for an extra episode to feast on.

A mindless goose chase filled with love in the air.
That is probably how I would describe this episode.

-ra out!

Random Note: Collarbones. LOL, I wonder if you could recognize the collarbones of people. Though i have to say that Hei does have good collarbones. ^^v I support. haha. go watch this ep and you will know what i meant by collarbones. ^^

Just for fun. 😛