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Review-Roundup: Comet Lucifer 01, Concrete Revolutio 01

_C12__Comet_Lucifer_-_01.mp4 - 00005Comet Lucifer’s first episode is just choke-full of insightful commentary like this one. Thanks Kaon for summarizing something we have JUST SEEN!

This time I review:

Comet Lucifer 01: A dude digs in a mine all on his own and the heavens send him a girlfriend! Also, mechas! And some dude wants to rape some other girl but then tries to kill her because she doesn’t like him for some “mysterious” reason.

Concrete Revolutio 01: The Japanese version of Batman recruits a magical girl to deal with an Alien-spy and the girl discovers a whole new world of trouble in the process. Also, the flash-forward shows us that the girl REALLY wants to fuck that Batman.

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