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Winter 2017 – First Impressions Pt. II


Sure, why wouldn’t you let a random high-school-student help you with a broken car? Surely, if a stranger tells you he can fix your car, you just let him work on it – even if said person seems to be just a teenager. It all makes perfect sense!

Some more first impressions. Among them one of the worst series so far: Handshakers. I wouldn’t be surprised if this shit got canceled midway through the season to be replaced by some re-runs. I mean, who is supposed to stomach the grotesqueness of that series for an entire season?!

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Winter 2017 – First Impressions


Ah, being asked by a cute girl to pretend to be her boyfriend! It’s the teenage experience we can all relate to surely! Boys are getting asked by cute girls to act like their boyfriends all the time and cute girls just can’t seem to find a functioning relationship and therefore have to resort to asking people they barely know to act as if they’re their boyfriends… What a realistic and relatable scenario!

I’ve yet to see a single series I really want to review but I’ve had a little bit more time than during the previous seasons. So, I’ve watched nearly every new series that has to come out and this is a short list of first impressions for the series I have seen. So far, my favorites are Idol Jihen (which is a hot mess and REALLY weird), Little Witch Academia (with really good visuals)and Fuuka (which I probably would make fun of constantly for melodrama and having your typical idiot-protagonist).

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Fall 2011 First Impressions

Its October and its the start of the Fall Season of Anime and M0rg0th and I shall be giving you our First Impressions of the Anime we’ve seen thus far…

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Summer 2011 Anime Mid-Season Review

Seeing as to how we are approaching the middle of the season, most anime by now should have given us a proper impression and have set the mood for what the rest of the series will be like.

All the plot building should mostly be done, and we should be getting into the midst of the action. As such, I find it only fair to do a mid-season review of the anime of Summer 2011.

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