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Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie – Review

Ghost in the Shell - The New Movie.mkv - 00000So instead of an enigmatic cyborg-lady that kicks ass and is looking for the meaning of life, Motoko’s just a straight-up savior-figure at this point. What Motoko thinks should be done is the right thing to do. Her concept of individualization is the ultimate ideal humanity should chase after! Or at least that’s how Arise makes it seem…

Look, for example: If your dog named “Paul” dies and you get a new dog… of course, you’d name him “Paul – The New Dog”. It makes total sense! And if that dog dies, well, I guess, you kinda realize that naming your second dog “Paul – The New Dog” was kinda stupid. But you know what would make it work? If you’d call the next dog just “Paul – The New Dog” again! And! You call the old dog… wait for it… “Paul – The Old Dog”. So, what I’m saying is: Clearly we must now go back to Mamoru Oshii’s first Ghost in the Shell movie and call it “Ghost In The Shell – The Old Movie”. And if another GitS-movie comes out in the future, we just gotta rename this movie “Ghost In The Shell – That Other Old Movie”. I mean, it’s genius to just define a movie by whether it’s new or old in the franchise. Imagine if Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”-movies were called “The Lord Of The Rings – The New Movie” (and then just add a I, II or III to each respective movie). Such a great way to name things!

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