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UN-GO – 00 Inga-ron – Movie Review

The show definitely knows how to start off with a bang (or a stab in this case. =p)

UN-GO Movie – Episode 00

It was only a couple of seasons ago when UN-GO had graced our screens with it’s take on political agendas and military doubt. Finally, the story behind Shinjurou’s past is revealed in this 45 minutes long “movie”.

This short movie is nice break from the usual simplistic plot nature present in much of the newer series out there, and whilst the plot may have covered pretty much the same themes as seen in the UN-GO series, one can still appreciate the slightly deeper and more thought provoking style in this show.

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UN-GO – 10 Impression

Episode 10 – Rinroku Kaishou’s Funeral

Yaaawn, am so sleepy right now so I shall make this a short “review/impression”.

The episode was spent basically building up to a massive climax on the arc of Benttenou whilst constantly dropping hints behind the mystery of Shinjurou’s past with Inga.

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UN-GO – 09 Review

Episode 09 – Rinroku Kaishou’s Crime

This really wasn’t the direction in which I had expected the show to go in, but it was nice to see Kaishou having been forced under the negative spotlight.

It is sad that the last episode was the end of The Novelist’s character, but thankfully, the episode had followed through with the setup from the previous episode on the character of Bettenou. It is starting to look like this Bettenou arc will last us through to the end of the season with some of the characters from prior episode having been brought together once again for this arc. I was really looking forward to Shinjurou having become a changed man after his voluntary soul-searching stint in prison but that along with the consequences of The Novelist had been pretty much dismissed in this episode.

The catalyst behind this episode was a hacker group called Full Circle and their “war” against Kaishou. Full Circle essentially hacks and release information about Kaishou’s private life and sensitive information. But along the way Kaishou ends up digging himself into more trouble and this is the first time we get to see Kaishou being on the opposite side of the fence with Shinjurou playing detective to solve the case.

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UN-GO – 08 Review

Episode 08 – The King of Paradise

This was an interesting change in pace and atmosphere for the episode.

After last week’s crazy cryptic dreamlike moments, this episode has decided to wrap up the murder case.

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UN-GO – 07 Review

Episode 07 – Daydream

What was that all about? (=_=?)

The episode was titled ‘Daydream’ and I know that dreams can be seen as an augmented reality, but this episode had left me wondering what the point of it all was meant to be.

I am not sure how the review of this episode will turn out since I can truthfully tell you that I have not grasp the main point (or direction) of this episode. =/ All I can do is share my thoughts on what I believe I saw. =P

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UN-GO Movie Trailer Released

Damn, the trailer looks good!

“The 45-minute original story will depict the protagonists Shinjūrō and Inga’s first encounter and “reveal the biggest mystery [of the story] in theaters.” ” -ANN

The animation is looking good and I am getting all excited over it especially since the Art Director for UN-GO is Takeshi Waki who also did the art direction for Mushishi.

The show seemed to have tweaked it’s bird-dropping-style of introducing characters names to a more “spread from the middle” style. XP Whatever it is, the movie is looks interesting and it is sad that we would have to wait for the movie in order to learn more about the backstory of the main characters in UN-GO.

-ra who is eager to share the trailer with you guys 😉

UN-GO – 06 Review

Episode 06 – The Code Too Simple

There is finally some sort of direction with this series as it hints at a bigger plot. I wonder what this would mean for how the rest of the series will play out.

Also in this episode, Kaishou is finally the main focus of a case instead of being hidden in the shadows.

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UN-GO – 05 Review

Episode 05 – The Phantom Statue
aka Don’t Lick the Statue

Since the Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim game is out today, I am sure many of you are either staying up all night playing the game or too busy to watch any anime, so I doubt many would be reading this rant of mine. =P For those who are reading this review…well, thank you for reading it. =D

This was really such a weird episode.

The structure of the episode itself was different from usual, but what really gotten to me in this episode was the execution of the plot and the amount of things that didn’t make sense to me.

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UN-GO – 04 Review

Episode 4 – House Unmasked

This episode wraps up the case of the Masked Mansion.

I am really enjoying this series so far. This is probably the only series airing this season (apart from Mawaru Penguindrum) with a coherent on-going plot that has depth and substance yet remains interesting to watch. I find that many of the other series airing this season end up being either a mindless watch, or the series is unable to produce a storyline that ventures out of the generic shounen/shoujo boundaries that the show is set in.

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UN-GO – 03 Review

Episode 03

Finally, we have ourselves a story that will span across more than one episode.

The plot of this episode is probably the most intriguing one for me thus far and it doesn’t hurt that there is no rush in finishing this case within the time span of one episode.

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