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Major News

(random season 4 promo image)

Yup! Major news in both ways – big and anime wise.

It has been announced that there will be a Major movie animation out early next year! (Jan ’09)

I have no idea what the plot is about, BUT, i am pretty curious about what they can make out of the plot. What we can deduce is that you will see both Goro when he was a kid and when he becomes an adult, so i am GUESSING that it might a compressed version of the 4 seasons of the anime? (don’t know how that is possible) lol… but i am just speculating…

Anyway, the link to the article about the movie is here.

I can’t wait for it and am hoping that it will be good. We shall all just wait and see.

-ra out!

Major 1 and 2

AAAaaaAaaaaAa……….. yare yare…..

Another anime!

Yes, over my “weekend” i have been killing my eyes with discomfort from watching way too many animes…. haha, well, in this case it is one anime, just 2 seasons of it.

But boy am i happy i watched it, i dont regret it one bit….

This is one of the better ones since Kenichi, good character developments, nice plot, uplifting, but unlike kenichi, this anime can get really sad at times, heck just watching the anime makes me wanna cry. i have no idea why at all.

i decided to give it a shot when i went back to school on friday to submit my assignments and was waiting for my cousin to come over to eat pizza. Anyway, can i say that i ended up crying, well, like tearing up. none stop! just in the first ep i nearly cried like 2-3 times? but unlike you usually drama stuff that really gives you a headache and make you cry, this one was weird, cos tears just fell on its own. I dont know was it cos i was in a emotional mood or cos the anime is just THAT good.

Anyway, before i continue, i shall explain.


Honda Goro is a kid, a baseball boy, his dad is a baseball player, and this show is basically talking about him growing up together with baseball. They both face many bad times and work through them, and tragedy strikes in ep 1 and 5.
But no matter what, life goes on.
You are brought into the life of a kid called Goro and sucked into his world of baseball. His efforts, his talents, his trials, his hardwork, and his success as well as failures.
From a kindergarten kid to playing in the little league, to playing in junior high, to playing in high school, to the minors and majors and so on so forth. Naturally by the end of season 2 they only manage to talk up til the second year of his high school life. As much of a genius he is, he puts a lot more effort into his training and to become an all rounder due to his love of “everything in baseball”.
It inspires you somewhat to want to work through your problems and put in the effort, even if at the end of the day you might not have gotten what you wanted, but at least you tried.

This is one anime that is really different from your typical strong guy beats all, or weak guy gets strong and beats all, but rather, this i about a strong guy who has weak sides to him too, and people exploit those areas in the games, and he tries to overcome those weaknesses. But it does not stop there cos no one is perfect and you will always have weaknesses, but being able to get better each and everyday is what makes us humans and it is what we all want to be ultimately. At least it is what i want to be ultimately, not the strongest in the world, but to just learn more and improve myself each and everyday.

The animation is clean and really nice. I dont feel like the animation standard fell since the beginning till the end of season 2. I felt animation wise i have no complain (unlike from a certain anime company who took a good story and animated it so horribly… the anime still rocks, but the animation could have been much better…ahem..kaze no stigma…ahem….but then again, that is another story.)


if you like sports animes i highly recommend it!

if you like nicely drawn characters in your anime, this is a nice show to watch too!

if you like a nice balance of comedy, drama, slice of life, friendship, good and bad times, then this is the anime for you too.

I love this anime, and i really have no idea why it is not that popular.

One more reason why i like the anime, not a single filler ep, not a moment that is slow, when i try to fast forward a moment by skipping like a few seconds on vlc, i always end up rewinding cos something happened in that few seconds. something important. Unlike naruto’s slow pace, this one is really nicely paced you dont feel like you are missing out on anything because it is going too fast neither do you feel like it is so slow that you wanna pull your hair out.
I always find pacing important in an anime.

And to keep up the pace and keep fillers at bay, they have a season every year only.

so it ends up airing for like 5 – 6 mths and taking a 6 month break before the next season.

I think some other animes should follow their lead!!! (NARUTO!! AHeM!)

the fans would rather wait than to see a good show get dragged on and pulled down the drain.

-i lost my motivaiton to see both bleach and naruto. For bleach it is still ok, but for naruto, i totally cant be bothered. just watching it makes me wana study and do my work! it is so slow that even when tim saw it, at the end of each ep he was like, its the end of the ep?! cos nothing happened at all, they practically stood there and stared at each other during the naruto and sasuke’s brother(whatshisname, forgot, itachi?) for 20 mins of the ep talking and talking. dude, if you are out to capture him or kil him, you would think you would stop the staring game and just attack. Especially since they both were not even thinking about strategies just staring!

Ok, anyway, i would rate this show a…. 9/10~! love it, so much so that i am tempted to watch season 3 but too scared to. Cos i know i would want more.

Each season starts and ends on its own, but it is so good it makes you want more. It feels like after the first season that the second season was an encore, and the third was an encore to the second and so on so forth….

Season 1 – introduction to Goro’s family, stuff happens in the family and in their baseball. Goro’s growth – Kindergarden to Little League player (grade 4)

Season 2 – introduced to a grown up Goro. Junior High year 3 until High School year 2.

Season 3 – highschool year 3 (that is what i deduce from the name of the eps plus the wiki’s info on the manga)

Season 4 – if they follow the manga it would be Goro’s life as a pro. (me still guessing as well.)

Either way,

it is a great anime, and i think(THINK being the operative word) that they might even go for a season 5 and stop there, cos it seems like the anime has caught up to the manga really quickly. cos the manga is only up to the majors… which might be showed i either 1 or 2 seasons. i am not an animator nor a script writer so i have no idea how they will execute his script, but i know i am looking forward to January when season 3 comes out.