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Nisemonogatari – 01 Review

I wish that would’ve been a joke instead of the cruel truth what really happens to girls in this series…

Nisemonogatari 01 – It Started With Boredom And Ended With A Kidnapping

*sigh* Finally a series where I don’t have to start telling people to stay the hell away from this. Nisemonogatari is the sequel to the really popular series Bakemonogatari (for those of you who lived under a rock and didn’t know that already…) and like that there were of course a lot of expectations for this series. And I think the good news is that it continued being as good as Bakemonogatari. But the bad news is that if Nisemonogatari doesn’t bring anything new to the table I might end up declaring it to be ‘more of the same’. But who knows, this obviously was just an opening-episode leaving it to the next episode to truly start with the arc.

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