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Review-Roundup: Aldnoah.Zero 08, Akame ga Kill! 08

_C12__Akame_ga_Kill_-_08.mp4 - 00001Sure, analysing other battles the minute they happen always takes top-priority – even if that means stopping your own battle, it seems.

Look, maybe I’m slightly spoiled by having watched Legend Of Korra’s new season recently… but when Liver talks about how his Imperial Relic allows him to freely manipulate water I can’t help but feel immensely disappointed about how that episode interprets that ability and what one can do with it. And don’t even get me started on how that fight made sense in a universe that supposedly has the same laws of physics as our universe…

This time around, I review:

Aldnoah.Zero 08: Guess Slaine just cannot catch a break in this series. Meanwhile, everybody’s fine with the Martian princess being alive and being on a Terran ship and so on. I mean, she’s a naive, beautiful princess in danger! Of course, nobody has a problem with her!

Akame ga Kill! 08: A dude is fighting some other dude and that other dude who’s fighting another dude is kinda the student to that first dude who’s fighting that other dude. But then this dude dies and his dude-student has to show off his manliness because he’s a real dude, you know! In the end the dude-student cries like a little girl – but it’s fine! Nobody’s around to see it so his manliness is still intact!

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Akame ga Kill! – 04-07 Review

_dn92__HorribleSubs__Akame_ga_Kill__-_07__720p_.mkv - 00002Sure, that’s how you handle sadness: You just beat it out of yourself!

Is the Capital actually worth saving? The way I see it, 60% (at least!) of that city are insane, evil people who need to be killed by Night Raid. I don’t even know why anyone would even wanna live in the Captial with all those psychopaths around! And this so-called Revolutionary Army? Well, good for them that they can sit on their asses in safety while Night Raid does their dirty work. All the busywork and none of the glory – no wonder Tatsumi wants to be a member of Night Raid!

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Akame ga Kill! – 03 Review

[C12] Akame ga Kill - 03.mp4 - 00003That’s a really stupid superpower to have… This gun has the worst imaginable timing to show its full potential.

Maybe I start blogging another series instead of this one. It’s not a great series after all, more than that, it’s somewhat generic. Sure, there’s enough blood in each episode to fill a swimming-pool but it’s not like beneath all that violence there’s actual dark shit going on. It’s all just the pretentious ticks of a series unable to commit to showing evil that’s worthy of all that gore. Also, Mine’s a tsundere, so… I don’t know… maybe use characters that aren’t stereotypical anime-teenager-characters, if you want to create a truly dark show…?

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Akame ga Kill! – 02 Review

_dn92__HorribleSubs__Akame_ga_Kill__-_02__720p_.mkv - 00000What a nice thing to say! I bet, anyone would like to hear that sort of compliment!

Oh man, well, that could’ve gone better. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with a story about a bunch of people that try to kill another bunch of people…? That can be something special! Like… I don’t know, maybe someone slips on a banana-peel or something. That would be something worth watching, right? No, wait, Akame ga Kill wants to be a really dark series, so scratch that. What I meant to say was: Like… I don’t know, maybe someone slips on a DARK banana-peel or something. There we go! That’s more like it! Seriously, have you ever held a banana that’s already darkened? That will be the most creepy thing your hand will ever feel! If that isn’t the stuff edgy stories are made of, I don’t know what is! But sadly… Akame ga Kill had no banana-peels, neither darkened nor unripe green… It’s a missed opportunity!

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Review-Roundup: Akame ga Kill! 01, Sabagebu! 01, Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun 01

[C12] Akame ga Kill - 01.mp4 - 00006Akame ga Kill! certainly knows how to let characters announce their villainy in a subtle way.

Is it just me or are there a lot more animes this season that try to sell violence as entertainment? I mean, there’s nothing categorically wrong about using violence as a theme within a story but that’s one of those things you shouldn’t just nonchalantly throw into a story when you want to carter to teenagers or kids in my opinion. Hell, even some patriotic bullshit is better as a setup for violence than just dumping it on the audience for shock-value!  Violence NEEDS to have meaning in a story or otherwise every character involved may as well be considered a sociopath. Well, that brings me to these three new series:

Akame ga Kill: Here’s another young guy thinking he’s gonna go big in the big city – but it turns out said big city is infested by evil people. So he has to join slightly LESS evil people on a crusade to do evil stuff to evil people!

Sabagebu: Look, girls are kinda cute, okay? Now imagine them shooting guns… AND LOVING IT! ARE YOU FUCKING AMUSED?! You better be…! Because this series doesn’t really have to offer much else at this point.

Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun: Have you ever thought that the ditzy manic pixie dreamgirl needs to have a male equivalent? Well, here it is! Nozaki is a sensitive shoujo-manga-author… who just doesn’t get that Chiyo (the main-character) wants to bang him! Hilarity ensues (as it usually does) as Chiyo chases a guy who writes about romance but doesn’t seem to have any understanding of it… AT ALL. No, seriously, if it’s not on paper, he might as well think that a stone is coming on to him when it falls on his head and cracks his skull! That’s how fucking unknowledgeable he is about romance!

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