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Devil May Cry Review

Nice. Really really nice. Sweet!

This is probably one of the only 12 episode anime that has a nicely resolved ending that answers all the questions without it being too hasty. The fighting scenes are highly entertaining and while this may not be the most complex of plots it is good enough. You will not feel bored (for it is a short series) and it is not really an episode by episode storyline.

If you thought that this anime was just about killing devils, then you are 3/4 right. However you do get a chance to see the history behind the characters and the each episode ties in quite nicely. There are no filler episodes or wasted time. I am hooked on the OP song, just cos it is good – a hint of spookiness and rock.

Overall, it is an anime with a relatively high re-play value and even though it probably would not stick in your mind after a week or so, you do not feel as though you wasted your time watching this anime.

Rating – 9/10 (i know some others would argue that it is not worth such a high rating, but this is a personal preference.)

Personal POVs – The animation, the color, the character design, they reminded me of trinity blood. ^^ I have no complaints over this anime.

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Devil May Cry 01-03

Devil May Cry on ANN

I like the way they did the logo…^^

I know that from seeing comments about Devil May Cry that many are disappointed by the anime.
They felt that their expectations for the anime were not fulfilled, especially after having played the game.

As you probably may know, and for those who do not, Devil May Cry is a popular game by Capcom.

I have never played the game before, and as such i have no prior expectation for this anime, except for it being a full on action anime.

I like this anime. I found that visually, it was really appealing, storyline wise, i have to say that it is not that good.

Dante. One of the few times you see him smiling.

The story revolves around Dante, a half devil half human being. He is a well known Devil hunter however as we can see from Episode 3, he is not a cold blooded killer. He is up to his head in debts and for some reason every time he takes on a job he ends up with more debts than earning money. Poor guy. He should cut back on the flashy stuff. lol.

For an action anime, i am not really happy with the lack of action actually. It seems more like a well made drama with some cool action scenes thrown in (not really long ones, the devils seem to die really fast). The action loving part of me is screaming for MORE! hahaha

The action scenes are dynamic, and it can get your blood pumping.

Each episode is a different story and it stands on its own.

I had such a hard time capturing a strong action shot.
The scene kept changing and the characters kept moving. =) (but that is a good thing)

I like this anime. It is a good watch if you are seeking a way to pass time or if you want to be visually entertained. I would recommend it to everyone. Unless, you are scared of devils, or really want to watch only great animes.

Nicely directed, nicely done, average storyline, nice action scenes (when it actually happens), suitable sound effects, a nice opening song. I am personally happy that i started watching this anime.

Rating? 8/10 – just cos i love the style

-ra out! take care!