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Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing – 04 Review

It’s images like this one that tell you LE: Fam’s intense story about the two-faced nature of war. On one hand you have badass-spaceships killing hundreds people in the name of the greater good, on the other hand you have… this.

Last Exile – Fam, the Silver Wing 04: The Fun Of Being Challenged

The fourth episode shows us what happens when Fam actually tries to capture a legendary ship that supposedly won against an entire Ades-army by itself. But still despite the odds it’s another chance for Giselle to show her god-like talent and Fam showing off in front of Millia with her fearlessness. It’s a surprisingly good-natured and laid-back episode despite all the stuff that happened in episode 2 which made it seem like the good side had hit rock-bottom. Fam, of course, has a plan how to win against the Ades Federation. And she’s the only one with a plan because they all follow her and nobody objects to her foolish adventures. I guess, that’s the kind of authority you get by being the main-character.

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Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing – 02 Review

Actually she just knows that you’re the main-character and that your name is in the title of the show. These are two irrefutable pieces of evidence proving that you simply can’t be a normal person!

If you want to hear the short summary of the second episode: It’s a hell of a shit-hits-the-fan-episode. Yep, it isn’t quite the picnic-day for the good guys everyone had hoped for. Actually a lot of stuff goes wrong… Not everything of course because Fam was born with so much talent that it isn’t even a question whether she can pull off the amazing stuff she’s supposed to do. She just does it – and it works. But even Fam is powerless when a badass ‘spaceship’ gets involved…

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Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing – 01 Review

No, of course they wouldn’t go to war. It’s not like that’s exactly the reason why they arrived with a battle-fleet to peace-negotiations…

Episode 1 – Open File

Review by M0rg0th and Saranaufogus

Last Exile goes into the second round with a new series telling a gripping story about how a warmongering federation makes war and a peaceful kingdom defends itself with the help of  righteous sky-pirates. As you may have already realized it’s basically a story of a big meanie bullying a group of girls. Like with all these kinds of stories it’s hard to not see who’s evil and who’s good which makes the whole affair more a matter of how much stuff explodes than how subtle the story is. Nonetheless, it’s Gonzo’s big hope of making a lot of money so let’s see how the first episode turned out…

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Last Exile – Fam The Silver Wing – 01 Review (Manifest Screening)

Episode 1

[Edit] I have decided to move this post back up due to the fact that Last Exile is airing tonight and we would need to write another review for it soon.

I had change the name of the post so that when we get down to writing the review for the official Episode 1 of Last Exile, this wouldn’t clash with it. (In the newer review, whenever we write it, M0rg0th will be giving his imput and I will be simply adding my 2nd impression of the first episode =D )

Beneath is the unchanged post of the first ep review I had written shortly after Manifest.

[End of Post Edit]

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