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Ghost Hunt – ep01-25 Review

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Have you ever watched an anime that kept making you want to re-watch it over and over again eventhough you know that it is not the best Anime in the world but it just is able to capture your attention because of the way it was executed. From the sound effects to the use of different approaches, Ghost Hunt is the anime that I adore to bits. One of the main reasons might be because it is different.

It is not a happy go lucky anime, and despite its name it is not an anime that is out to scare the crap out of you.

It is an anime with character designs that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, and this contrasts with the spooky background music and the scary-at-times plot. The combination is just perfect in my opinion, and this is probably the reasons why i like it so much, because it is not here nor just, just sitting perfectly on the fence between uncomfortable and comfortable animes to watch.

Shibuya Psychic Research – SPR
It is a business ran Kazuya Shibuya. SPR as the name suggests, specializes in dealing with cases related to phenomenon happenings.


Taniyama Mai

She is just a normal high schooler who likes to tell the occasional ghost stories with her friend because it is exciting. She is not the brightest, but she is not stupid either. She is basically a nice down to earth girl who gets caught up with SPRC. She broke a camera in the first episode and helps with a ghost case to help ease her conscience. After the first case she was offered a part time job and became part of the team of SPR. She has a crush on Kazuya Shibuya but don’t expect this to be a romance Anime.

Kazuya Shibuya aka Naru the Narcissist

17 year old boss of the SPRC. He is nick named Naru-chan by Mai due to his narcissistic attitude. He is intelligent and good looking and loves to make fun of Mai’s stupidity. Naru is a workaholic and he works non stop be it on off days or even if he is hospitalized. His background is unknown except for the fact that his father is a professor. Even though he seems heartless at times, he shows that he is not as cold blooded as everyone pictured him to be. He is the love interest of 2 of the female characters.

Koujo Lin

Little is known about this man. He is Naru’s assistant plays the role of a guardian at times. He is chinese and a very very silent guy. Plus i think that he is really tall especially when he stands next to Mai. In the first arc he was injured and thus Mai was hired to take his place as being the assistant. But by the end of the first arc he makes a full recovery and Mai gets offered a part time job.

Ayako Matsuzaki & Houshou Takigawa

John Brown

Hara Masako

These few are psychics and exorcists. Ayako is a priestess, and Takigawa is a monk. But neither are your typical priestess and monk characters. John Brown is an exorcists from Australia and Hara Masako is a famous spirit channeler. They were hired by the client in the first arc and were subsequently asked by SPRC to aid in other cases.


Those were the main casts and I think the chemistry between the characters and the behavior of each character complements one another and no one is useless in this anime. Maybe that is why i just love all the cast that make this anime such an enjoyable one. The anime is a arc by arc anime, and each arc is not related to each other. There is little character development except for Mai and this is probably one of the faults. It is more of an entertaining anime than one that is deep and well developed.


The characters are pleasant
The animation is good
The opening is really good, with its spooky lyric-less music.
Each arc is interesting and captivating
There is a nice balance
I just adore the characters.

The fact that each arc is slightly too individual. I understand that the show is suppose to be about ghosts and not about love but i would have like to see some development between Naru and Mai.
I also don’t like the fact that Naru’s past is closed by that you dont really know anything about him.
I dont really like the Masako character. she seems spoilt (i know, this is so random. haha)
It would have been better to see a development with a main focus as a overall story rather than just cases one after another.


Overall, i like to eat cornflakes in the middle of the night and watch this anime. ^^
It is entertaining, it can frighten you at times, it can make your giggle at times too. Not too shounen nor shoujo. If there was such a thing as a balanced anime I would list this as one of them.

I would give is a 9/10 just cos i love it so much. But if i were to be fair i would say it is worth 8/10

Osamu Yasuhara

He is my favourite character, too bad he appears only halfway through the series. I think he is so cool and funny. LOL.

Alright then, that’s all for Ghost Hunt.

-ra out! ^^ take care! ghoooost hunt is great! you should reeeeeally catch it!