Review-Roundup: Aldnoah.Zero 23, Cross Ange 24

[HorribleSubs] Cross Ange - 24 [480p].mkv - 00004He does…? He has sex with the woman he loves and one of his biggest concerns seems to be to count the number of moles on her inner thigh? And why is this turning into a contest between Embryo and Tusk in the first place? Also, I believe, the audience has seen Ange naked WAY before either of them did – multiple times! And technically Ange’s “first time” has been the unpleasant experience of getting raped by Jill… but nobody in the show talks about that anymore, of course.

Aldnoah.Zero 23: Inaho’s robo-self is killing him because brains and stuff. And Slaine is doubling down on his attempt to ruin Earth because that’s what big boys would do in his situation, he believes. And after listening to the emperor’s final confession, Asseylum is ready to take charge! And so she’s about to marry some dude… again

Cross Ange 24: Tusk talks about sex. Alektra takes revenge on her ex. Chris accepts that she’s simply too whiny to be considered a good person. Sala takes an eternity to finish singing. And the world has ended – as expected. One episode left: You gotta wonder whether they’ll really manage to find a sensible ending for this show with only one episode left.

Aldnoah.Zero 23 Review:

[HorribleSubs] Aldnoah Zero - 23 [480p].mkv - 00004… which is something a recovering alcoholic would NEVER say.

At one point in this episode Asseylum has a speech that is supposed a powerful moment where she takes control of the situation. She uses the speech to demand peace with Earth and announces a marriage with Klancaid. Why should there be peace? Because Earth is some sort of paradise of natural harmony that needs to be preserved. Why the marriage with Klancaid? Because marriage-announcements are apparently the only power-move a princess has – even if she had just become the new empress. If we think of the marriage-thingy as a plot-mechanism, some incidental thing that is the product of previous events, then it’s the peace-thing that really stands out as the motivation for the good guys. War is bad/unnecessary, the nature of Earth needs to be preserved and actually the Earthlings have done a fine job of rebuilding Earth’s glorious nature. But here’s thing: That’s the EXACT SAME THING Asseylum had as a motivation at the start of the series!

There’s a difference between coherence and stasis. With coherence you have some red thread that connects all the dots and all the little things along the way contribute to the illumination and expansion of that red thread. Stasis connects incidental dots as well but thematically it never moves on or expands its view. The story of this series is VERY static in this regard. It isn’t just the Vers-Empire hellbent on taking Earth for themselves that is stuck but the good guys are equally unable to change or evolve their point-of-view. Both sides just keep on fighting without even thinking about what the effects of the war are. Each side wants to win on their terms or die trying. Compromises aren’t even an option in this series’ universe.

Furthermore this stasis has led to a considerable lack of momentum throughout this second half. Except Slaine, EVERYONE in this show has been treading water since their introduction. Inaho’s eye-thingy might as well just be a MacGuffin, so Inaho’s plotline has some meat to chew on (because god knows you can’t do anything else dramatic with this lifeless character called Inaho). And Slaine’s plotline in the second half revolved around him becoming a bit of a villain but then you get this scene with Eddelrittuo, Asseylum’s maid, where she insists that Slaine is still the same person deep-down. It’s a very bizarre moment for how Slaine’s actions are seen as something detached from his personality. He has changed his MO but somehow neither Asseylum nor her maid considers this to be the sign of a changed person. And to some degree, they’re right, aren’t they? That’s the reason why Slaine despite being the villain of the story never seems like one. He’s just this petty douchebag who pines for the love of Asseylum while raging at the Earth-forces in a fit of jealousy.

And if the villain just seems petty, then what about the good guys, one may wonder. This is the point where I come back to how Asseylum mentioned her love for Earth again in this episode. And it’s this love which has been the undercurrent for why the good guys do what they do in a broader sense. What the series mostly focused on, though, were battles that Inaho and the Deucalion-crew needed to win and Inaho’s desire to save Asseylum from Slaine. But there’s something very passive about how the Deucalion and Inaho acted in this second half. There isn’t much momentum created by their actions because said actions quite often seem like meandering. That “bad military-supervisors”-sub-plot with the Deucalion is as pointless as it’s tiresome. And above all, all this stuff doesn’t contribute anything to the notion Asseylum is preaching whenever she gets a chance: That the Earth is precious. Asseylum just has this few throwaway-lines of Japan’s traditional views on animism but the series does nothing to cement that notion. It’s like someone saying that racism or slavery is bad. I mean, duh, of course it is. If you phrase your moral argument so bluntly, there’s no room for discussion. And yet aside from the soap-opera that is the love-triangle between Slaine, Inaho and Asseylum, the whole Earth-thingy is the only other card this series has to play in terms of themes. And the series is barely doing any worldbuilding, it’s taking for granted that everyone in the audience gives a shit about its obvious point-of-view regarding Earth.

This series… It isn’t bad so much as it’s just lazy. Whatever this series has been doing is NOT enough. And it doesn’t help that the series seemingly has no confidence in its own storytelling as well. You could do a drinking-game in this episode where you would always take a drink when someone would make an on-the-nose meta-fictional reference. The words “final” and “showdown” get thrown around quite a lot in this episode. Then there’s stuff like when Inaho says to his sister “Hey, that’s a Death-Flag, you know.”. The simple amount of variations of the “Come back alive, you hear me.”-phrase you hear in this episode is high enough to make this episode a very corny affair.

And what is even the finale supposed to be at this point? It better not be the semi-finale 2.0, a lot of action leading to a lot of blood and death. You can play that card only once, especially because of how the aftermath of the semifinale had been such a huge letdown. I still expect for this series to end with an announcement for a second season. Considering how lazy this series’ storytelling has been, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the reason for that was simply that they wanted to save some stuff for the next season. And right now? Right now I’m not even sure that I want to watch this theoretical second season. I mean, what for? This series’ good points are measured in moments among a sea of pointless meandering and lengthy battle-scenes.

Episode-Rating: 5.0/10

Cross Ange 24 Review:

[HorribleSubs] Cross Ange - 24 [480p].mkv - 00010So the asshole who doesn’t pay attention to you and just sort-of stays around you all the time is your real friend? This scene’s definition of friendship seems to be any person who’s ready to put up with your bullshit.

The 24th episode of Cross Ange brings all the insanity the series had cultivated over the course of its run together into one episode and the result is the genuine question whether anyone who worked on this series’ story and writing even knew what they were doing. And yet, this episode is Cross Ange at its “best”. Everything in this episode is so baffling and wrongheaded that it’s hard to believe that one person or even a group of people could’ve decided that anything of this might’ve been a good decision. I don’t think it’s the series that lacks some needed self-awareness here, it’s the creators of the series that do. This series is the sort of insane shit you would mock in a MST3k-fashion because of how utterly clueless the creators seem by showing off this series as something they intended to make.

There are a couple moments of pure insanity in this episode but the best one by far is the confrontation between Embryo and Tusk. I want to know what went through the writer’s head when he (and it IS a he definitely) wrote that scene. People are fighting and dying, explosions, the world is ending and here you have the most bromantic version of a dramatic battle. In a weird way those two dudes go through what most female characters with love-interests have to go through: Being unable to talk about anything but the person they’re in love with. The ONLY two male characters present in this finale and they can’t shut up talking about Ange. I don’t think this is exactly what the Bechdel-Test is getting at. But this isn’t even the most insane thing about that scene! What’s more insane is that the scene has NO subtext, the characters just bluntly shout out their claims to Ange. Embryo does the whole “Ange’s my wife! And I will tame her!”-thing which isn’t based on reality since… yeah, they never married. I guess, Embryo is supposed to express some old-fashioned patriarchal values here but it just comes off as deeply bizarre and crazy. But Tusk’s “I have fucked her… multiple times!”-rebuttal takes the cake, of course. It’s also great how he tries to express his deep knowledge of what characterizes Ange’s behavior but what he comes up with is so generic that he might as well have describe just some random teenager. This is another one of these instances that is just so crass as to be utterly unbelievable. Tusk has been portrayed as this virtuous and loyal knight-figure who has won Ange’s heart but confronted with Embryo’s vile claim to “own” Ange, he doesn’t respond with chaste shit like honor and whatnot. He just bluntly declares that he has already “taken” Ange by having slept with her. I guess, playing it fast and loose with your sexuality is considered a thing we should all aspire to as a society. And maybe it would’ve been an interesting point if the series hadn’t been so ready to turn their brains off whenever they expressed that notion.

There’s the fight between Hilda, the orange-haired girl and Chris that ends in this episode. It’s as predictable as one might expect. Although it’s fairly amusing how Chris accepting the other girl’s love results in her listing this series of ridiculous, egoistic demands like her finally accepting the girls’ friendship and love means she’s owed some special treatment. The fight surrounding the Aurora is equally uninteresting as it’s fueled by a ton of technobabble and the sudden arrival of Dragons for an equally technobabble-fueled reason.

Alektra’s dramatic arc in this episode is another highlight of clueless and insane writing. Naturally Alektra freely declares Embryo to be her ex-lover in the fight with Salia to throw her off-balance. This series talks about sexuality other people would talk about special offers at a supermarket, “It’s cheaper than you think so you must get a piece of that!”. But the best moment of Alektra’s arc is her confronting Embryo and revealing that she still kinda likes him. And a VERY short flashback reveals how they started their relationship: Alektra had been in love with a dude who had a relationship with another woman – and Embryo was there to give her the love she craved. Yeah, Embryo’s at it again to be the creepiest dude in the room. I guess, all of Embryo’s list of romantic exploits is just this long list of no-nos when it comes to relationships. But beyond that, you need to be a really fucking stupid writer to reveal such an important detail so close to the end. Even a mediocre series would’ve had a lengthy flashback prepared that showed off Alektra’s and Embryo’s past relationship when it became relevant to the plot. But as far as I remember Alektra never even HINTS at why she had a relationship with Embryo. Revealing the reason now is the stupidest time to reveal that, because I don’t care, of course. This show ENDS next week and NOW they reveal an important piece of information about Alektra?!

You really should listen to the voice-overs during the previews of each episode in this series. Considering what is said this week and how Tusk’s reason for survival got covered in a preview, I feel like these previews actually are a way for the creators of the show to try explaining the trainwreck that is this series. Like this week, one character wonders if the series will really manage to tie up all the loose ends in the final episode. Seriously, that is a VERY good point to make: This series is cutting it VERY close when it comes to its various storylines. Next week episode needs to end Salia’s storyline, the main-storyline and then you got the aftermath which needs to address the fate of A LOT OF CHARACTERS. I guess, we should all be prepared for a messy, rushed ending so that there’s enough room for an epilogue. Another point the preview covered was the reason the series is named “Cross Ange”. I mean, fuck, this is SO stupid… I have to admit that I hadn’t even thought of that. It’s called “Cross Ange” because Ange, the main-chara, is cross. Yeah, that’s it. Makes the whole thing sound more like a sitcom, doesn’t it? Maybe they should’ve added a laughtrack to this show whenever Ange’s being cynical or… cross. I… Fuck it, this is a comedy, isn’t it? You can’t be this crass and this stupid and still expect that anyone would take this series serious, right? If the creators of this show sincerely believed that they’ve produced a show that you can take serious… It’s impossible, it’s simply impossible! No sane person would do something like that!

Episode-Rating: 5.5/10


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  1. I’m a bit confused by your second comment on the second Cross Ange picture. Could you elaborate on it?


    • The problem with this “intervention” is that it’s entirely focused on Chris’ problems. But Chris’ problems are all just brushed off as “Hey, just speak up next time, okay?!”. Meanwhile, what then Chris expects her real friends to do is to listen to what she wants. A sensible notion considering what her complaint had been but… the number of things she wants to have is quite long.

      So the whole thing boils down to Chris wanting more out of this relationship with her two friends (and one of them even wants to be more than a friend). Chris’ relationship with the other two girls is only problematic because of her behavior. But instead of using this moment to let Chris grow as a character the series goes for the cute option of “Oh, it’s okay for me to be who I am right now.” and the other two girls are like “Yeah, whatever conflict you may have thought happened wasn’t real.”.

      Friendships, in the idealized form fictional stories portray them, differentiate themselves from the idealized portrayal of romantic relationships by being this balanced exchange of give and take. Being someone’s friend means always supporting him or her but also means that said character shouldn’t hesitate to voice criticisms. You know, where a romantic relationship is all about trust and safety but also adds this level of unconditional support that helps the involved characters to grow, friendship is doing the same thing but with critical support. A helpful opinion gets voiced without the logical repercussion of hatred as the friend is able to forgive for something what he or she perceives as a mistake. But where a lover will voice the criticism with empathy, the friend will voice the criticism with a certain level of objectivity (and/or wisdom, depending on just how corny the movie or series wants to be).

      What you have in that scene, though, is Hilda and the… uh, other girl going “We know you have a problem, Chris!” and after some fighting Chris admits “Okay, you got me… I have some problems.”. And the resolution is basically Chris’ friends telling her that they will simply pay more attention to her (because her problem was that she didn’t get enough attention). And Chris is even listing all these things she always wanted… which is a very ludicrous list of things. And this isn’t the voice-actress’ fault. Fuck, she does her best to sell those lines. But the scene leaves Chris in a position of weakness with these petulant demands for more attention when the scene could’ve easily lead to character-growth and Chris just learning that the problem wasn’t her friends’ lack of attention but her unrealistic expectations that their friendship would be ONLY about her finding comfort.


      • Okay, I got you. I also didn’t like how that scene was handled. That sort of compliance is more likely to enable Chris’ to keep acting needy, instead of working out her actual issues. However, nearly every female in the series has this same problem of needing to be dependent on someone. Salia needs someone to recognize her. When she couldn’t get it from Jill, she turned toward Embryo. Now, we find out Jill wasn’t even immune to this, as she turned out to harbor feelings for Tusk’s dad, though this was never foreshadowed until an episode ago. Ange apparently can’t survive without the crotch diving pervert knight and the maid, or else she could have actually moved on. When the MC isn’t even immune, what hope to you have for the rest of the characters? No one’s gotten good character development in this series. Out of curiosity, who’s the @sshole in the first sentence?


    • Very true… And just like in Chris’ case it’s expressed as this onesided need where these people define relationships by what they personally get out of it. That’s why being a “friend” as Hilda defines isn’t very nice. Instead of having friendship as a version of intimacy, you have to fight for your wish-fulfillment in a friendship by whining because God knows your “friends” won’t pay enough attention to you to notice if you have a problem with the arrangement. And the way Chris was handled her self-absorption wasn’t the problem, it’s that she hasn’t been obvious enough about it. Forget about the fact that in terms of character-arc-writing there isn’t any real character-growth attached to that. This series defines friends as people who get what they want out of a relationship without caring about one another. And the orange-haired girl’s love might’ve changed this except in her case it’s even more perplexing that she didn’t notice Chris’ misgivings AT ALL. And this weird definition of friendship also leads to a lack of genuine drama.

      That battle wasn’t so much a confrontation as it was a correction. Hilda and the other girl didn’t notice Chris’ misgivings and Chris mistook that obliviousness for something those girls had done on purpose. And the resolution is for Chris to be more open about her misgivings and her “friends” to be willing to address those misgivings. That’s a very egocentric perspective on how relationships work. This series seems to have this belief that you’ll always be drawn to those people who can give you the most. Salia betrayed the guys because she didn’t get enough attention from Alektra, Chris didn’t get enough attention from her two friends, Alektra didn’t get enough attention from Tusk’s dad and Ange always has fits of jealousy when she believes Tusk isn’t fixated on her. But you know who’s the exception to this rule? The two dudes of the series. Embryo’s love is unconditional but with the premise that when it counts those he loves will follow his command. In contrast, Tusk is basically becoming a servant (and in that his relationship with Ange is similar to Momoka’s which is why those three have the most stable relationship in the series).


  2. If I’m being honest? I think the producers know what they’re doing. They deliberately set out to make something absurd. They got the late-midnight slot. They know their audience. And they know they’ve seen it all before. They know they’re gonna have to pander to that audience to make a profit anyway. And if they’re gonna end up pandering to that audience, they might as well be transparent about it, make use of their late-midnight slot and push it for all it’s worth.

    The show’s using and referencing lots of elements that’ve been appealed to its target audience in the past/present, but blown up to absurdity. Near enough everything you can find in Cross Ange, you can find in other shows, and it’s doing it deliberately. All-star casts (a lot of which have been in other well-known mecha shows), songs, mecha, fanservice, and so on. The show’s a merchandise maker and was intended to be. Winks and nods to other (Sunrise or otherwise) shows.

    The show is a Frankenstein show composed of otaku elements and themes cranked up to eleven. It embraces, revels and exaggerates in what has come before it, to the point where it becomes a self-referential parody. A fantasy world run via the exploitation of young girls and women. A main villain who is effectively a god who builds up harems, can manipulate people with a touch, obsessed with his so-called wife’s purity and so on. Disillusionment with people and society as a whole, with a World War being the instigator (blatantly a reference to WW2). The show’s like a parodic reflection of its audience and what appeals to them, its inspirations and perhaps even its creators/Sunrise itself.

    Cross Ange is what it is, and it’s very unapologetic about it.t doesn’t want to be taken seriously. It sells you its absurd story with a straight face throughout the episodes, and when the previews roll, they can’t contain themselves anymore. They know what they’re making is ridiculous and they’re laughing. If it took itself more seriously, it probably would be better off for it. But then it wouldn’t be Cross Ange.


    • “I think the producers know what they’re doing. They deliberately set out to make something absurd. They got the late-midnight slot.“

      Yeah, that timeslot gives you a lot of leeway with how absurd you can make a series. The reason I think they’re clueless is that there’s always something chaotic and frantic about the most absurd moments of the show. But then I guess, it could be also possible that the reason it feels so chaotic is that they set out to do even crazier shit but some producer was like “Okay, even for a midnight-slot this is a bit much, guys.”.

      “All-star casts (a lot of which have been in other well-known mecha shows), songs, mecha, fanservice, and so on.”

      And the world-type-format of the series makes this a very conventional story as well. A lot of the bigger storymoments of this show just follow the general tendencies of shows like Evangelion.

      “to the point where it becomes a self-referential parody.”

      But is that good enough to make this a good parody? Also, the series may be a little excessive with what it crams into the storyline. The parody-element is there, though. Let’s just start with the title that references the anti-social nature of Shinji-like protagonists and makes this the focus of the series in the same way you could call Evangelion “Whiny Shinji” in a reductive way. So the series certainly doesn’t take itself too serious but I feel like it doesn’t do enough to become funny.

      There are a couple things holding this series back from becoming a good parody:

      Ange’s the only character who seems to be self-aware – but she’s the main-character. She should be the last one to be self-aware. Her cynical and abrasive behavior should be a showcase of what the show wants to parody and it should be another character’s job to offer the self-aware angle.

      The writing of the show isn’t dramatic enough. Like, since all world-type-animes end with an apocalyptic scenario, you could’ve turned it into a bit that the characters respond to their grievances by immediately jumping to the conclusion that they need to end the world. The series was close to doing that around episode 10 or so but then the series just didn’t commit to it. There should’ve been a ton of exaggerated moments dominated each episode but rather than producing ludicrous scenes the series often just produced ridiculous stuff verging on nonsense. Instead of trying to tell a genuine story within the ludicrous parody-framwork, the series just went for fanservice and spectacle.

      And lastly: There aren’t enough references in this show. Self-referential doesn’t cut it. You need to understand and appreciate world-type-mecha-shows before you can produce a good parody. And you need the appreciation so that the parody isn’t just about making fun of what it references but that it’s entertaining enough on its own as well.


      • I never really got the feeling that Ange is that self-aware. Most of the time, she doesn’t know what’s going on at all. The self-awareness/fourth-wallness usually comes about during the previews. There are actually quite a lot of nods, winks, references and cameos to various things. Gundam shows like the original Gundam, Zeta, SEED, F91, then other mecha shows like Heavy Metal L-Gaim, Voltes V, Gear Fighter Dendoh, even Valvrave (the arcade game Chris and Hilda were playing) and so on. Then you’ve got references and shout outs to other shows like GPX Cyber Formula. Ange’s character wearing the number 7 on her clothes in ep 16 as well as her mech’s serial number having 7? Reference to her voice actress. The part where Hilda was picking apples? Reference to a music video of a song her voice actress did. Embryo’s character? Composite of Paptimus Scirocco and Leonard Testarossa, right down to his goals and the way he manipulates women. And it’s not just mecha, it’s otakuness in general. The silly sexual gags, Salia’s magical girl cosplay, everything.

        The show’s liberally taking things from a lot of stuff. Parts of it are reminiscent of various other shows and indulges in them. But unlike other mecha shows that attempt to disguise their more ridiculous elements with serious writing, Cross Ange doesn’t make as much pretenses. It just revels in its own stupidity. That’s part of the reason why I enjoy the show. Strangely enough, if you cut out all the nonsense, the show’s got a genuine story underneath, well, at least I think so anyway haha. The problem is, it undermines it (deliberately) through not taking itself seriously. It wants to have its cake and eat it too.

        I was wrong about calling it a parody actually, you’re right about that, though it is clearly taking the piss at times. More like an exploitation anime. I still do think it’s a weird reflection of its audience and what appeals to them, plus the show tosses in some incredibly blunt social commentary, and I think it’s more about Japan than it is about the rest of the world. It’s partly why I think Misurugi’s the nation that gets the focus within the show in direct contrast to the DRAGON’s world.


  3. If anything I think killing Chris in this episode would have been more effective, but oh well it’s either cheap drama, or cheap drama with yuri.

    I commend you to add a laugh track. Heck, I even think the creators could be that insane to add that.

    Also meaningless but I suppose the couple in the flashback are supposed to be Tusk’s parents…. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we waste time in that next week?

    Also I know one shouldn’t be this pedantic given the anime, but if Embryo is that powerful how is it sometimes he is aware of nearly anything and other times he isn’t?

    Also for me the top of ridiculousness in this episode is the blatant undermining of the token character Chris killed. “It’s ok, we’ll pay for her tombstone together”. Wow, even for you series, that was really classy.

    Even if the execution wasn’t cool, the image of a ship being carried by dragons is kind of badass. That should be a Yu Gi Oh card.


    • “Also for me the top of ridiculousness in this episode is the blatant undermining of the token character Chris killed. “It’s ok, we’ll pay for her tombstone together”. Wow, even for you series, that was really classy.”

      Ha, remember those three characters that got killed because of Ange’s incompetence in the first couple episodes of this series? Nobody even mentions them anymore, And Hilda is now in love with the girl who got her other lover killed (although she doesn’t even talk about that character anymore). If it’s a C-list or D-list character this series just doesn’t care about their fate.


      • Yeah I know. But here it was blatant how much they don’t care. Since in here it is pretty much said, oh it’s ok to kill someone, if you feel bad about it after.


  4. TheRealWinston

    “And technically Ange’s “first time” has been the unpleasant experience of getting raped by Jill… but nobody in the show talks about that anymore, of course.”
    Ja, die “Vergewaltigung” am Ende von Folge eins. Einige sagen/vermuten, es wurde nur ihre unteren Öffnungen untersucht, um sich zu vergewissern, ob sie nichts reingeschmuggelt hat. Andere dachten auch, ihr wurde ihre Gebärmutter entfernt (was aber, wenn man nun die späteren Folgen kennt, wohl eindeutig nicht mehr der Fall ist).
    Ob es nun aber eine Vergewaltigung war oder nicht, sei jetzt mal dahingestellt. Man kann aber irgendwie froh sein, dass die Serie nicht mehr darüber redet. Oder wollen sie echt wirklich, dass die Serie auch Anges Vergewaltigung aufarbeitet. Und wenn ja, wie wird das dann aussehen?

    “So the asshole who doesn’t pay attention to you and just sort-of stays around you all the time is your real friend? This scene’s definition of friendship seems to be any person who’s ready to put up with your bullshit.”
    Nunja, ich habe das so verstanden, das Hilda damit meinte, ob es bei Freunden wirklich notwendig sei, das sie ständig sagen, das sie Freunde sind und so, und das jemand, der zu dir ständig sagt, das er ein Freund ist, in Wahrheit, dich nur ausnutzt, oder so ähnlich.
    Wobei Hilda selber in Episode 8 gesagt hat, dass sie die zwei Verabscheute, oder so ähnlich. Ach ja, die Orangehaarige heißt Rosalie.

    “But the best moment of Alektra’s arc is her confronting Embryo and revealing that she still kinda likes him. And a VERY short flashback reveals how they started their relationship: Alektra had been in love with a dude who had a relationship with another woman – and Embryo was there to give her the love she craved.”
    Das Jill/Alektra (wieso nahm sie eigentlich Jill als neuen Namen an? Ich weiß zwar den Grund wieso sie das tat, aber warum nahm sie “Jill”?) zunächst sagte, das sie Embryo immer noch liebte hat mich auch überrascht, ich habe das aber dann so verstanden, das sie das ganze geschauspielert hat um ihn in Sicherheit zu wiegen.
    Und die ganze Geschichte, das Embryo sie halt verführte, weil ihre eigentliche Liebe unerwiedert blieb, fand ich per se eigentlich nicht schlecht. Macht sogar irgendwie Sinn.
    Höchstens halt die Geschichte, das sie das ganze halte kurz vor dem Finale erwähnen (stört mich aber auch nicht so sehr).
    Und der Typ in dem sie verliebt war, hieß Istvan, und seine Frau/Lebenspartnerin hieß glaube ich Vanessa. Beide sind/waren Tusks Eltern.

    Und weil Embryo dadurch als noch größerer Arsch dargestellt, das war er schon davor. Was ich aber nicht versteh, was er nun eigentlich will.
    In der zweiten Hälfte der Serie baute er sich ein Harem aus willigen Normamädchen auf und Ange sollte dann die Krönung bzw. die größte Trophäe sein, weil….sie der Mainchar ist/sie sich nicht leicht verführen lässt/weil sie irgendwie noch wichtig ist/Baum.
    In dieser Folge hat er seine übrigen Normas ohne zu zögern in den Tod geschickt, weil es die Situation erforderte. Brauchte er sie aber nicht noch, weil er Frauen als Grundstein für seine neue Welt brauchte?
    Stattdessen fokusiert er sich jetzt nur noch auf Ange. (Wobei, zur Not könnte er die anderen glaube ich wiederbeleben, ob sie ihn aber noch “freiwillig” folgen)
    Und zusammenfassend kann man sagen, dass Embryo eine Art “Hentai”-Bösewicht, der mit seinen magischen Kräften Frauen gefügig macht, wodurch sie willentlich seine Sexsklavinnen werden. Yeah, best Villian ever (ok, zumindest kann man ihn ernster nehmen als Julio…).

    Und wegen Embryos und Tusks Dialog, das Tusk und Ange es getrieben haben und Embryo dann sauer wurde. Ich habe schon mal bei “Tusks Untersuchung” in Folge 15, die Vermutung gestellt, dass die Autoren wohl ein bischen zu sehr am Alkohol hängen, oder sonst irgendwelche Substanzen zu sich nehmen. Ich glaube dieser Dialog, ist ein weiterer Beweiß dafür.
    Aber auch wenn der Dialog einfach nur purer Mist ist, er ist irgendwo genial. Habe die Genialität zunächst auch nicht verstanden, aber er ist wirklich “genial”. Und sicherlich wird dieser Dialog, für lange Zeit unerreicht bleiben. Außer, die Serie schaft es, in der letzten Folge, einen besseren Dialog zu bringen.
    Und irgendwie habe ich ein gutes Gefühl, dass sie das schafft, weil, wenn die Serie eines geschafft hat, dass sie in der nächsten Folge irgendeine Szene sicherlich wieder vorkam, bei der ich mir an die Stirn klatschen musste.

    “You really should listen to the voice-overs during the previews of each episode in this series. ”
    Mach ich sogar. Die sind irgendwie so selbstironisch und um längen besser als die eigentliche Serie.
    Und weil die letzte Folge allen anschein alles hastig angehen lässt, ja, machte die Serie doch schon permanent.
    Ich denke mir eigentlich selber die ganze Zeit, die Serie hatte durchwegs Potenzial und ich sage immer noch, das die ersten Fünf Folgen (wobei die Vergewaltigung in Ep. 1 hätten sie sich sparen können und Folge 5, hätte auch besser sein können, aber lassen wir das beiseite, da haben wir schon genug diskutiert), für sich selber gesehen noch gut sind. Sicherlich nicht überragend, oder irgendwie Bahnbrechend, aber zumindest war es ein guter Anfang irgendwie. Nur bei den restlichen Folgen ging es nur noch bergabwärts (wenn man von Folge 8, 9 und 10 absieht). Ich glaube, das es vielmehr, um einen klassischen Fall der Marke, “zuviel Story aber zu wenig Erzählzeit” handelt, warum die Serie zum Teil so scheiße ist. Bestes Beispiel ist hierbei Folge 7, die krampfhaft versucht, Kameradschaft zwischen Ange und ihren Teammitgliedern aufzubauen. Wäre dieser ganze Bildung von Kameradschaft auf, sagen wir, drei Folgen aufgeteilt gewesen, hätte man das ganze doch vielmehr überzeugender präsentieren können.
    Oder anders gesagt, bestünde die Serie nicht aus 25, sondern vielleicht 50 Folgen, wäre sie nicht ganz si scheiße geworden. Und ich bin nicht wirklich ein Vertretter, der “mehr Folgen sind immer besser” Fraktion.

    Und diese Episode fand ich (für Cross Ange Verhältnisse) noch gut, wenn man von Tusks und Embryos Dialog absieht.

    Ihr noch meine zwei Vermutungen, wie die Serie endet:

    Das was ich hoffe, was passiert:
    Ange siegt, bildet eine neue Welt in der alle glücklich miteinander Leben. Und Ange bekommt Tusk, Hilda, Momoka und Salamandinay. Und von mir aus noch Misty, Rosalie, Chris, Salia, Jill und den ganzen restlichen Maincast….

    Das, was ich nicht hoffe was passiert:
    Ange und der Rest scheitern und Embry kreiert seine neue Welt. Einige (oder fast jeder vom Maincast) können überleben und planen den weiteren Wiederstand. Nur Ange wird von Embryo gefangengenommen und die Serie endet damit, wie sie in einem Kerker festgekettet ist und dann Embryo die Tür betritt (und als Bonus verwandelt er sich noch in ein Tentakelmonster). Und natürlich erscheint dann eine Nachfolgerserie….(also bitte Sunrise, wählt nicht dieses Ende und wenn ja, dann nur wenn ihr Embryo in ein Tentakelmonster verwandelt)

    Alles im allen, hoffe ich aber, das die letzte Folge auch die letzte Folge bleibt.
    Weil eine Nachfolgerserie, kann ich nicht ertragen.
    Von mir aus ein Magical Salia Spin-off, eine Anime-Umsetzung von “Tenshi to Ryu no Gakuen”, eine Yuri/Hentai-OVA-Miniserie oder von mir aus noch einen Film. Aber bitte keine zweite Serie.

    Aber eine Folge noch, dann ist es vorbei. Zum Glück.


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