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Summer 2012 Anime Preview

Here’s the list of anime that’s out in Summer 2012.

Yay for a second season for Moyashimon! One can never have too many cute micro-organisms floating around. =)

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Random Compiled Fate/Zero News

It’s been awhile since I did a random post… and since I had just posted a review of the latest episode of Fate/Zero, I figured that I might as well post some other random interesting things/news on Fate/Zero. =)

This post is basically random stuff related to Fate/Zero that I had stumbled upon on. Most of these stuff are stuff that you may have already seen before if you are an avid fan that track Fate/Zero news. But for others who usually don’t, this post is just to provide some fun reading for you.

Hope you enjoy the post.

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“Blood-C – The Last Dark Movie” Trailer Released

Do you remember that series back last year?

That CLAMP one?

The one with all that blood?

The one with plenty of white censored scenes and episodes that went nowhere?

What was it called again….? Oh yes, Blood-C

Its back, and with a vengence… (a cold joke for you guys made especially for you guys)

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Short Preview of Spring Season 2012

It’s this time of the year again where slowly every anime-blogger will think about writing previews for the Spring-Season. And like with every season some people will look at the new animes and ask: “Isn’t this season worse than the past ones?” And I’ll say: “No, it could be worse.” Because looking at Eureka Seven Ao I had a terrible nightmare. Or you could say it was more like an idea for all the money-hungry animation-studios out there: How about making anime-original sequels to popular finished manga-series? Let’s drag out all these classics and make generic sequels! Instead of releasing remastered versions of series like Nadia, why not make a generic sequel called Nadia 2 with a bland plot and flimsy connections to the original? Or Fullmetal Alchemist, manga’s finished as well as the anime-adaptation of it… but that shouldn’t stop BONES from making a generic anime-original sequel, should it? Or Naruto and Bleach, at some point the authors might actually stop writing this stupid shounen-mainstream-crap… BUT that shouldn’t stop any studio from making anime-original sequels regardless, right? I know, there are some issues with licensing and stuff but that’s nothing a top-notch lawyer can’t trick his way around, isn’t it? So, you heard it here first: Anime-original sequels to popular finished franchises – that’s the future!

Anyway, what this post is really about: I wrote some short previews for all the series that are either sequels of series I have seen or are manga-adaptations where I read the beginning at least (except in the case of Tsuritama and Hyou-ka, well, exceptions prove the rule basically…). That means I can speak at least with some confidence as to how these shows will turn out.

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“Jormungand” Anime Trailer Released!

The trailer for the anime adaptation of Keitarou Takahashi’s “Jormungand” has been released and it is looking good.

The music and the animation seem to be giving off a good vibe and I am hoping that the cloudiness of the images are not part of the actual series’ animation.
All I really have to say is that the song in the trailer is giving me the creeps. (^-^)b

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New “Nisemonogatari” Anime Trailer

Edit: I have added the 3rd trailer to the end of this post. Thanks Keiko-sama for the link to the video.

Here is the new trailer (with english subs) of one of the more anticipated anime out this Winter – Nisemonogatari.
(It seems like the second half of this video is a duplication of the first half.)

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“Gyo” Anime Trailer

It’s been awhile since I last posted something anime “news” related.

The trailer for the anime “Gyo” has been released and it is looking like a good fun OVA filled with madness. Perhaps it is the crazy sharks chasing after human, but the trailer reminds me of a drugged up version of JAWS.

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Rurouni Kenshin Live Movie Trailer

The live action teaser for the RK Movie is finally out and it is looking good.

I just thought that I’d share it with you guys since RK was one of the anime classics.

You can read my previous post for more information on the movie here.

Winter 2011 – Our Thoughts and Plans

Hi All!

It is that time of the season where all the shows are starting to reach their end and new shows are going to pop-up on our screens.

As many of the shows that we have been reviewing this season will be carrying on through to next season, we won’t be able to cover as many new series as we would like. As such, we would like to give a shout-out to all of you who are interested in joining the team.

But before getting onto that, here is the list of shows that M0rg0th and I will be reviewing, as well as a short impression of what we expect out of the series this Winter.

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Rurouni Kenshin – Shin Kyoto-Hen Trailer + Winter 2011 Trailers

Rurouni Kenshin – Shin Kyoto-Hen

I am glad that the trailer for that movie is out.

I always find it funny how some trailers have such weird tacking animation effects applied to them for no reason. =P

Anyway, here is an update on the other trailers for the shows that will be out in Winter 2011.

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