Review-Roundup: Aldnoah.Zero 08, Akame ga Kill! 08

_C12__Akame_ga_Kill_-_08.mp4 - 00001Sure, analysing other battles the minute they happen always takes top-priority – even if that means stopping your own battle, it seems.

Look, maybe I’m slightly spoiled by having watched Legend Of Korra’s new season recently… but when Liver talks about how his Imperial Relic allows him to freely manipulate water I can’t help but feel immensely disappointed about how that episode interprets that ability and what one can do with it. And don’t even get me started on how that fight made sense in a universe that supposedly has the same laws of physics as our universe…

This time around, I review:

Aldnoah.Zero 08: Guess Slaine just cannot catch a break in this series. Meanwhile, everybody’s fine with the Martian princess being alive and being on a Terran ship and so on. I mean, she’s a naive, beautiful princess in danger! Of course, nobody has a problem with her!

Akame ga Kill! 08: A dude is fighting some other dude and that other dude who’s fighting another dude is kinda the student to that first dude who’s fighting that other dude. But then this dude dies and his dude-student has to show off his manliness because he’s a real dude, you know! In the end the dude-student cries like a little girl – but it’s fine! Nobody’s around to see it so his manliness is still intact!

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Zankyou no Terror – 07 Review

[C12] Zankyou no Terror - 07.mp4 - 00004Actually, why ARE Nine and Twelve called terrorists in the first place…?! Time was when you needed a cause to become a terrorist.

I really don’t have the patience anymore to put up with this series’ bullshit. After seven (of 11 or so) episodes I’m still not sure what the story is supposed to be. Sure, I can guess. There are a couple hints –  but there’s nothing definite. And if a series does SO little to explain its story, I really don’t feel like doing the work for it. Even if my experience with various tropes would help me to fill in the blanks for this series flawed storytelling, I really wouldn’t think that this would be an excuse for what this series is doing. And yet here we are: 7th episode – and still there’s no significant story-beat to put all this nonsense in order. One thing I suspect is happening here after reading this interview of the series’ director Watanabe is that this series wants to be like an US-action-TV-show – except that it’s in Japan and that it has anime-elements like its reliance on teenager-protagonists for example. But due to the fact that Watanabe (or one of the other writers) don’t really understand what makes the shows tick that inspired this series, Zankyou no Terror has become the shallow affair that it is.

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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Change – 12/13 Review

korra 1213 01


And so the third season of Legend Of Korra ends. I’m still feeling surprised by how good this season has been. I mean, it’s not like this is the first series that took its time to become good. There are plenty of those out there. But despite that it’s still always a surprise (albeit a pleasant one) when you watch this series that shows no signs of being good or improving for that matter but then all of a sudden… it actually IS good. Look, as a media-savvy person it’s easy to see the potential in certain plot-hooks, characters and whatnot which leads to certain expectations and that then leads to disappointment when the series doesn’t deliver (by either making those expectations come true or actually surprising me). So, the series is bad. There’s no way around, you gotta admit to yourself that this series you had high hopes for is kinda bad. You keep watching and all of a sudden the series gets good, REALLY good. Well, the question then becomes: What do you think of the series as a whole? I mean, I like this third season – but would I recommend the SERIES to anyone? After all, mathematically two thirds of this series are still not that great. Well, personally I think I actually would NOT recommend the series. This third season is great and all that but… the previous two seasons definitely aren’t the sort of thing I would recommend.  In the end, the third season just has really bad timing. The sort of quality it has brought to the table really has come far too late.

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Akame ga Kill! – 04-07 Review

_dn92__HorribleSubs__Akame_ga_Kill__-_07__720p_.mkv - 00002Sure, that’s how you handle sadness: You just beat it out of yourself!

Is the Capital actually worth saving? The way I see it, 60% (at least!) of that city are insane, evil people who need to be killed by Night Raid. I don’t even know why anyone would even wanna live in the Captial with all those psychopaths around! And this so-called Revolutionary Army? Well, good for them that they can sit on their asses in safety while Night Raid does their dirty work. All the busywork and none of the glory – no wonder Tatsumi wants to be a member of Night Raid!

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Aldnoah.Zero – 05-07 Review

[C12] Aldnoah Zero - 05.mp4 - 00002That’s easy for him to say. After all, he’s on a guilt-trip. As for the rest of humanity I will hazard a guess and say: No, actually dying is kinda always a bad thing.

Doesn’t the Vers-Empire have anything better to do than to invade Earth and wreck the place? They’re on Mars for God’s sake, fucking Mars! They’re in the SAME solar system as Earth! All this fancy Aldnoah-shit and they still haven’t even managed to colonize other solar systems apparently! And who the hell designed those Martian Kataphrakts…? And why would you let those be piloted by egocentric pricks who probably can’t even spell the word ‘teamplay’…? I really question the way the Vers-Empire conducts warfare in this series… No wonder they can be bested by that little wonder-boy Inaho.

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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Change – 10/11 Review

korra 01


Zaheer really doesn’t make a good case for anarchism, does he? Apparently mankind’s first instinct is looting when an important government-figure dies. “The tyrant is dead! Long live the reign of ‘survival of the fittest’!” may be a fitting slogan for Zaheer’s little “revolution” but you certainly won’t earn any peace-Nobel-prizes with that kind of philosophy. And then Zaheer goes on to threaten the “Air-Nation”, the only nation in the whole world without any significant hierarchical problems. Seriously, he better has some big-ass plan as to what he wants to do with the Avatar once he has captured her or otherwise he’s kinda pathetic in terms of being some sort of “political visionary”.

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Zankyou no Terror – 05/06 Review

[HorribleSubs] Zankyou no Terror - 05 [480p].mkv - 00002Sure, but some cautionary tales really work better without any empirical evidence.

What does this series actually want to appear like to its audience? The thing that really confounds me about this series isn’t what is going on or what character fulfils what roles, it’s the simple question what the purpose of all this is supposed to be. At the beginning the series was too mysterious to answer that question. The series really just pondered about its own meaning for four episodes without reaching a conclusion or some other form of answer. Instead, this evil girl gets dropped into the action and now everyone’s panicking that the price to actually finding the answer to that mystery may be too high. At least, as long as it requires for someone really villainous to hunt down the “terrorists”. I don’t know… Nine and Twelve aren’t exactly hero-material and they aren’t anti-hero-material either because it isn’t clear what their deal is. So, right now the series really just wants you to cheer for the lesser of two evils here. And maybe this would be interesting if the series had actually already addressed the important question of what the hell is going on in this series.

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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Change – 09 Review

korra 01

I actually think Asami is going to die. Bear with me. Look, I know there’s NO evidence for her dying within the series but I would like to believe that the series has something more up its sleeve for its finale than some rowdy anarchists. And the way the series treats Asami these days I don’t think she’ll stay relevant much longer anyway without a dramatic death-scene. I mean, it can’t be just Korra kicking Zaheer’s ass in the last episode of this season, right? There needs to be something more for that conflict. And the death of a person close to Korra is exactly the kind of stuff that would spice things up a little.

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Zankyou no Terror – 04 Review

[HorribleSubs] Zankyou no Terror - 04 [480p].mkv - 00004What a witty metaphor! Seriously, this series desperately needs some self-awareness when it comes to referencing present-day-stuff.

Zankyou no Terror isn’t a series I hold in high regard right now. It’s competent, it’s ambitious, it has a good direction and it clearly has something say to the audience (who knows at this point if anyone actually wants to hear what that message is) but the story… It’s not very complicated. And it’s not because there aren’t layers to this series’ story, it’s because the series shies away from embracing its own story. It languishes in the presentation of its premise while not really moving forward to the next stage of that premise. The series doesn’t have any deep drama or characters being able to push the plot forward. The pacing is VERY slow so far and even if the series gets better at nailing all the facets of its themes, there’s still an obvious lack of story-development. Also, I’ve already said that this series’ finale will ultimately decide whether all this will be worth it but watching this on a weekly basis shows that that’s more something you should do in a movie and not in a series. In a movie you can have over an hour of seemingly insignificant plot only to make it all seem important with one really good plottwist.  But with a series you have to build up attachment and investment in smaller doses instead of going for the one big reveal that completes the whole puzzle. But I don’t think Zankyou no Terror is aware of that.

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Sword Art Online – 04 Review

Kirito Girl

SAO II 04 – It’s Kirito being Kirito… Again

Is there anyone out there that isn’t completely sick of Kirito? <sound of crickets> Okay, I thought so. Unfortunately, Kirito is a major part of SAO, and he’s back. He’ll probably play a huge role in every episode from now on, so the only thing we can do is resign ourselves to the stupidity and try to make the best of it.

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