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Review-Roundup: ACCA 13-Ku Kansatsu-Ka 02/03, BanG Dream! 01, Idol Jihen 03


The fact that the 13 provinces seem to have these surreal quirks only makes the series more interesting.

This time I review:

ACCA 13-Ku Kansatsu-Ka 02/03: Imagine a ton of elite in a room while “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” from Tears For Fears is playing and they’re all staring at the one guy who seemingly doesn’t want anything to do with ruling anything. Jean’s that guy and he’s in deep trouble…

BanG Dream! 01: So, what do you hear when you look at the stars…? What, you hear nothing? Well, that’s a problem because this one girl can and because of that she… Well, see, here’s the thing: She finds these star-stickers one day and yeah, what I said about the stars… it’s a whole thing. It’s basically everything for her and it turns out when she listens to the stars they didn’t mention what she should do. No, it took those stickers (remember those?) to lead her to a guitar that’s shaped like a star – because it is, I mean, OF COURSE, it is! Running almost immediately to a local music-store with her guitar she happens to watch a band perform. It’s a truly transformative experience for this high-school-student! … who I guess has never heard music before or seen a live-concert.

Idol Jihen 03: An island has the perfect society by annually being drowned by cats and devoting their entire infrastructure to the moodswings of cats. But one day the cats disappear. And since it’s the local politician’s fault (because, of course, it is!) idols have to come and fix things. Turns out the way to fix things involves a prophecy, an ancient ritual and the casual admission that Shintoism is VERY real. But as long as people are happy who cares how fantastical things get, right?

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Detective Conan – Clash of Red and Black Arc

After 11 years of Detective Conan I am pretty sure that many are tired of watching it or tired of waiting for some sort of progress in the plot of the show.

And finally a major move forward in the plot, the ‘Clash of Red and Black’ arc. This arc spans across 13 episodes (ep 491-504). Within the arc we are showed 2 murder cases with the constant presence of Hondou Eisuke and the participation of the FBI. Huge revelations, deaths, as well as more of the ‘organization’, it sure is a pretty exciting arc. Though as far as exciting action scenes goes, this was nothing big or great, but don’t forget that this is a kids show and it is not very ‘detective conan-like’ if it was filled with too much action scene.
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Soul Eater – 05 – Soul’s Form

Episode 5 – Soul’s Form ~ Strongest Meister Stein’s Entrance?

Continuing from the previous episode, Maka and Black Star are still continuing in their battle to pass the test. However, unlike their previous opponent, Dr Franken is on a different scale (abilites wise). This episode mainly focuses on the battle between Dr Franken, Maka and Black Star with the occasional moments of Death the Kid, Shinigami-sama and Maka’s dad.

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Kyou Kara Maou Season 3 – 05 (ep 83)

WOOHOO! it is another episode of Kyou Kara Maou! back in all its full non scary glory!

Episode 5 – Lyra’s Marriage

Lyla is about to get married to King Antoine and things are not looking good.
Love is in the air but the King’s sword is missing and if it is not found, they can’t get married.
This is where our dear Maou Yuuri jumps in to the rescue!
(For Spoiler to the episode refer to TwilightFlower’s comment! (its the 1st comment) Many thanks!)

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Kyou Kara Maou Season 3 – 04 (ep 82)

Awwww… bearbees just the cutest thing around????
(I can’t remember what those bearbee things are called so i shall just call them bearbees tentatively)

Episode 4 – Greta and Yuuram

After the incident of Wolfram, things are back to normal in the castle. However, there is a new discovery and they are selling like hotcakes – Yellow mini bearbees.
They are suppose to be a new breed and well, in actual fact they are not.
And being so adorable Greta decides to adopt one of them and name it Yuuram, and thus the name of the episode.
However, there is a mystery behind why these bearbees are not allowed to touch water…. so what happens when one of them actually does

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Soul Eater – 03

Alright, I know that this episode is late with its review. For some reason i did not see the raw for this ep up until just a few minutes ago. (though it has been up for the past 2 days) =_=! Anyway, without further adue..

Episode 3 – Becoming the Perfect Boy? Death・The・Kid’s Magnificent Mission?~

The 3rd Prologue to this series.

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Kyou Kara Maou R! – 05 Review

Impression + Summary

Dang, this episode is good!
After having just seen ep 3 of the new season, watching this ep was like the icing on delicious cake.
This ep got me shaking with excitement in my chair! (Okay, it might have been the cold weather plus the green tea ice cream that i was eating, but this was still an exciting ep! :P)

Okay, so the last ep of the OVA is titled Small Shimaron’s Young King (part 2)

This basically continues from the first ep of the OVA.

This episode is basically Yuuri being in Small Shimaron and Sararegi (the king) has an ulterior motive behind what he is doing. The rest of the gang is worried that something might happen and so they chase after Yuuri all the way into Small Shimaron.

Honestly, I felt that this ep was made just so that the fans can have fun watching it.

You get to see Shori and his over protectiveness (which is simply hillarious!), and Shin-ou appears, the rest of the cast gather to appear in Small Shimaron and even Alderbert is there helping Shin Makoku.

With nice fighting action and cute scenes, this episode was probably the best of the lot.

Plus I cannot stop laughing at the reason behind why Shori was even there in the first place (to be a battery recharger for Yuuri) It was just a blast to watch this episode.

Okay, the reason as to why Yuuri was brought there was because the King wanted to make use of Yuuri’s powers. Why? Haven’t got a clue yet. It seems that there is a possibility of Sararegi appearing in Season 3 because it does not look like he has given up. He did say that he is liking Yuuri even more than before ( ooOooOo ). I hope that he does appear but as a good guy and not a bad one.
The mystery surrounding Sararegi’s powers was not addressed. Plus we don’t really know much about Sararegi, just enough to make us want to know more.
From looking through the list of voice actors in Kyou Kara Maou, it seems like Sararegi is going to appear in Season 3 too. Lets hope that is true.

Oh, did I mention that Wolfram got all jealous whether Yuuri held Sara’s hands?
I thought that that action felt like it was more than just friendship (though judging by Yuuri character, it probably isn’t) However, Wolfram got into a fit about it. Hahaha

The dissapointing thing about this ep is that it is over. T_T
And, Yozak was not wearing a dress. LOL, that always cracked me up. Dang.
Sararegi seems like a pervert. ^^: for some reason. His obsession with Yuuri is freaky.

Anyway, it is basically a really fun and interesting episode to watch!

Screen Caps time!

[Click Image to Enlarge]

-ra out!

Kyou Kara Maou Season 3 – 03 (ep81)

Episode 3 – Resolve of the Maou


Yuri finds out that Wolfram is gone and has decided to break of the engagement.
Worried about Wolfram he decides to chase after him.
However, things are not that simple.
Standing in his way is Wolfram’s Uncle, the issue of internal conflict, and most of all Wolfram himself.

Filled with some comedy, action, and a resolve to the whole issue that started in ep 1. Read the rest of this entry

Soul Eater – 02

I’m Definetly a Star! ~ The Extremely Big Man, Revealed Here?~

OMG omg OMG… BONES is love. Soul Eater is pure entertainment.

Okay, it is pointless to watch an anime if the animation sucks.
That is basic, having good animation is more than half the battle won.

Alright, the OP is still pure ecstasy.
Is it me or does it remind feel really similar to a D.Gray Man OP?

Okay, this episode is about Black Star! Lol, the guy’s an idiot (in a funny way). ^^

Alright, so Black Star is another character who is after obtaining the Death Scythe.
If I were to summarize this guy into a few words it would be

A) A Brat
B) An Idiot
C) A Hoot
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Kyou Kara Maou Season 3 – 02 (ep 80)

Episode 2 – The Qualifications of a Maou

Key Issues of this ep

– Last episode we were left wondering why Wolfram was going to be the next king, or why they were even deciding on a next king. This episode we find out why. – The qualification ceremony for Yuuri being the Maou. – And more problems to come

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