Supanova 2008 Melbourne

The 2008 Supanova took place at the Melbourne Show Grounds on Saturday the 29th of March.

I wont say that I had the best fun there because I did not. It was alright. But because it was a pop convention rather than an anime convention, could not help but feel bored at certain times.

Anyway, here are some pictures of what went on and my take on them. ^^

First up! We have the famous Dante VS Human on the DDR machine.
Apparently dante wanted to have some fun dancing.
Also at the event was… THE HULK!
I know! He is not green! That stinks right?
And you can see racial harmony at work here.
People playing with their Pokemon and other cards.
Those tables were suppose to be for people to eat at!! T_T
And then you have the Dollfie store.
Well, they did not sell much dollfies, BUT, it was more of a promotion thing.
Dollfie parties and things like that. Check out their webbie:
awww, a teenage boy and a….. no idea what it was…
Don’t you think that this one is a tad bit pale and flat??
Yes, that is an empty wrestling ring. They had an aussie wrestling match inside the place.
It was quite cool, and the noise made when they fell and got slammed into the ring was woah.
It must have been painful, you could see their skins turn red.
There was this store that sold movie film shots.
Limited editions film captures from the movies.
It was really cool.
And here you see a comic artist at work.
What is cosplay without the Suzumiya Haruhi fans.
The latest hit from the Japanese animation industry.
(I know it was in 2006, but still..)
And how can you go to an event that has anime without Naruto and the gang being there.
Standing right outside the PS3 promotion for a sing along game.
Maybe they had decided that being in the anime was too draggy and boring that they would be better off changing careers.
(I actually went to play that singing song… got drag along by my friend. =.=*
Oh the humliation.)
And guess who I saw at the both selling DVDs and such merchandise.
Fred Flinstones!
I guess he decided to crawl out of whatever rock he was hiding under and learn about how much more better DVDs are than cave drawings.
While eating some horribly made pizza from the Dominoes booth at the convention.
We spotted…
Cookie Monster!!!
or at least that was what i thought when i first saw it.
 But then…
Cookie Monster had a shell.. ^^;
I had no idea what the heck that was…
Then it hit me.
A weird squirtle from Pokemon.
But I applaud her for her effort in making the costume.
Guess what was shown on screen!
I actually sat down to watch an episode of Haruhi.
And I must admit that it was interesting. (i use to hate haruhi. She was so annoying.)
Which made me want to watch more of it. But they only showed an ep.
And for the best cosplay that i have EVER SEEN!
Now this is what I call a cosplay costume man!
It was so well done, even the skin on her hands and legs were the colour of an anime character.
I first notice her when I saw her legs from the back. I thought that it was really nice.
(Looked so smooth and perfect. I am not a pervert. Plus she was really tall. Around 6 ft maybe? So it was normal to notice her legs when she was wearing a mini skirt and all.)
Anyway, when i went to see why people wanted to take pictures with her, I thought she was hot or something.
And when I saw her face, I was so shocked.
It was so freaking cool! It looked so real!
It was like as though you were in the world of anime and the characters were real.
Check it out man!
I have no idea how she can see anything at all, but it is really cool.
Really nicely done.
It was so realistic.
 And that concludes my day at the Supanova.
I had tonnes of fun and I hope you had fun reading what I had to say about the event.
I might not go next year though…. the Manifest is probably more of my thing.
-ra out!

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  1. Dominoes pizza gives me nightmares. The fact they aren’t out of business yet shows that a certain amount of the public have appalling taste in food.

    Did you check out Spike Spencer, Michael Winslow or the Cosplay Competition? Those were the highlights of the convention in my opinion.


  2. Lol, yup, I saw those.

    I totally agree with you on the pizza part. Their pizza is just horrible and yet they are so successful with so many branches everywhere. It s kinda crazy if you think about it.


  3. Just in relation to your comment :
    Those tables were in fact for people to play games at and NOT for eating. The place to eat was at the cafeteria which was in a whole other building.


  4. Hey.. that’s me on the card game (Magic:the Gathering). 🙂 Supanova was pretty awesome. Next time, I’m taking out the “DDR” picture shot 😉


  5. MUy bueno me gustaria estar ahi


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