Mirai Nikki – 10 Impression

Episode 10 – Family Plan

Apart from the small important moments (that had seemed to push the plot forward) that were spread throughout the episode, the rest of the “in-between” moments had felt pretty dismissive in it’s content.

I was wondering through the episode if this was meant to be a filler episode or if this was actually part of the manga as the actual situations had felt disconnected from the on-going plot with only the important points being thrown into the mix so as to make the scene relevant.

Since the main points of the episode can be summarized relatively quickly, I shall only be doing a short impression on the episode.


I had found the starting scene of the episode to be quite funny when Yuno had said: “Digging a hole for Yuki”. Although we all know the true meaning behind her words, when taken out of context, that sentence just sounds like she was plotting his death. And come on, who wouldn’t like to see Yuki in his typical panic mode? XD

The first part of the episode had taken on a light-comical approach with Deus and Muru Muru giving their own interpretation of a past meeting between No. 3 and Minene. The important things that I had taken away from the scene was the fact that we had learn a small bit on what Minene’s past is like, one of the police men in Kurusu’s team is a highly suspicious character to be weary off, and that Minene is working with a mysterious man.

In my opinon, the comedy in that part of the episode had fallen flat and I didn’t see the point of having Muru Muru inject her opinions during the flashback. To say the least, her part in that segment had manage to destroy the atmosphere of the scene.

As for the second part, the whole wedding scene was pretty much a repeat of the amusement park scene during the first visit to the house. Yuki and Yuno are essentially chilling out and doing their thing with the notion of romance hanging in the air. They then return back home only to realise that Yuno had cleared the room filled with corpse and had manage to dig this massive (and unbelievable) hole in her backyard.

Apart from the constant internal conflict on Yuki’s part as to whether he should allow himself to grow fond of Yuno, the rest of the wedding segment was unimportant and easy to overlook. I had honestly hoped that the show would have thrown us a twist by saying that the priest at the altar was real and that Yuno had in fact married Yuki. =P I would’ve love to see that happened.

Now moving onto the part at the house.

I think I am pretty much over the unrealistic reactions of the characters in this series. I don’t understand how Yuki wasn’t worried about the fact that Akise had essentially broken into Yuno’s house but instead panicking about the room filled with dead people. Sure, I can understand why Yuki would care more about the corpses, but come on, don’t just dismiss the actual break-in just because there is something more important.

Also, Yuno wasn’t surprised by the fact that Akise was in her house and had calmly invited them to stay. Since she is mentally unstable, I shall not put her actions against her. But what is Yuki’s excuse for accepting Akise’s coolheaded response of going through Yuno’s house as he was in search of corpses? And honestly, how did Akise even know that Yuno was hiding corpses in her house in the first place? This series is making a habit of not explaining certain situations whilst expecting us to accept them as they are.

The show is really starting to turn into one of those “don’t think, just watch and enjoy” sort of series, and that is quite disappointing. The flaws of the show are usually easily overlooked by the pure entertainment value of the episode, but when we are shown an episode such as this, the lack of coherency comes across quite clearly when things just don’t add up.

Overall, the episode had build upon last’s week’s “hint” of Kurusu being an antagonist of the series. It looks like he is finally going to go up against our main “protagonists” of the series with him proactively going after them by framing them for a murder he had committed (although framing might be giving him more credit than he deserves since all he did was really misdirecting the police force through words and the lack of evidence).

I can just see the look on Yuki’s face next week when he discovers the Kurusu’s intentions.
*imagines a dumbfounded and Yuki questioning why all of this is happening despite having already been warned of this happening*

Episode Rating: 6/10



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  1. I suspect that the scene about Minnie was actually meant not so much for comedy (personally , I saw some parts as a mocking parody of typical anime romance/harem cliches) , but as character exposition. After all , what is Minnie underneath the terrorist persona she adopts ? Is that persona all there is to her character? Is she just the irredeemably deranged psychotic terrorist explosive maniac that we saw in her first real appearance , or is there more to her ? I think you should base your judgement not on it’s comedic value , but on it’s contribution and execution of character development instead.


  2. At least now we know why Minene wore the dress in the attack on the school, some people were busting blood vessels over that. Logical? No, but explainable at least.


  3. Andsmeuth, I would have agreed to your opinion if it was done in normal method. But the way MurMur narrated Minene’s past is really ugly, and it’s not even funny. Just bleh!
    Apart of that, This week’s episode doesn’t really tell us anything, does it? Other than the hole digging mater.
    I can’t even list logic fails, because nothing happens! Of course, it’s weird how a lone girl can dig a hole that deep, by herself, in such an alloted time. She was together with Yuki most of the time, wasn’t she?
    Yuki’s stupidity, and Yuno’s cracked brain, it’s so repetitive that I accept it as something normal already, lol.


  4. I don’t agree with you on the “don’t think, just watch and enjoy” part! Just because some things aren’t explained when they happen doesn’t mean that there are plot holes. In fact, everything will be explained later on. (I can say this as I’ve read the actual manga! but I don’t want to spoiler anyone here so I won’t go into detail; let’s say there’s something “special” about Akise!)
    and, hey, the wedding ceremony thingy was in the manga. It’s some kind of “comic relief” that you’ll surely miss at the end of the show (I promise).


  5. I know the hole is not meant to be realistic, but sometimes people forget time gaps. When you say Yuno has been with Yuki most of the time, let’s count: episode 4-5 (1 day), time gap, episode 6-7 (3 days), 2 weeks time gap, episode 8-9 (1 day), time gap… It has been almost two months since Yukki opened that door, so my take is that she started digging right after saying “oyasimi” through the mailslot. It kinda explained why she was exhausted the second day fighting all the cultists. Not nitpicking, just stating an alternative interpretation.


  6. Er… why don’t you try digging the same hole for us to see? 🙂
    Yuno is not a night construction worker. From what we see all this time,her physic and athletic ability is just a bit above average teenager.
    Also, she’s a stalker and love crazed person, Also, even though it’s not shown, it’s ridiculous to assume that she’s only together with Yuki for 1+3+1=5 days during that two months period. She’s always behind his back!


  7. I wonder which side Uryuu gonna side with 4th, 1st or neutral?


    • Whatever happens, it explains why Fourth had been coyly supporting Ninth ever since they escaped the clutches of Sixth’s cult in episode 5.

      While a solid episode, this just might cause the anime to fall slightly behind the manga’s pace, due to the inclusion of material from the supplemental series Mirai Nikki Mosaic. However, I suspect the action speeds up in the next episode, & given that in mangas, the faster the action/plot the larger the panels get, there’s little to worry.


  8. I also found this episode to be a bit disjointed compared to the others, there wasn’t that sense of impending doom that has been constant until that point. Even the first date, we weren’t sure about Yuno’s intentions, so it really added to the fear that something crazy was about to happen. The wedding scene was only tense at the point where Yuki seemed as though he might try to take back his declaration, which I sort of wanted to see just for the crazyness that would have followed.

    The hole at the end was way too unrealistic but at least I got my fill of Yuno acting crazy for the week.


  9. Misebirakashimasu

    You guys have totally omitted the part about fourth’s little character revelation, his wife. His wife seems to have a slightly troubled relationship with fourth because he is always at work, showing fourth isa little more than crazy (Are there any sane diary holders not named Yukki?) about his job. It also reveals that despite fourth obviously being a manipulative maniac, there is still someone he (hopefully!) cares about. I think that the person’s bed which fourth is hunched over in the ending could be his wife. Also I think it is possible fourth and Akise could have some sort of connection, with Akise’s obbsesion with detective work, he could be the pawn of fourth, and the fact that he was introduced and reappears in the two episodes before what seems to be a major confrontation with fourth strengthens my hypothesis abit. Not only that his actions were supicous this episode with his hooking up Y & Yk, and the fact that he breaks into Yuno’s house without any worries could be because he has ties with the police.

    Ahhhhh Thanks I needed to get that speculation off my back!

    Btw did anyone notice the piano dubbing of the op and ed? sounds so… wrong DX


    • Not simply ‘wrong’, but ‘crap’
      I am pretty sure that my younger sister who’s taking piano class can do better.
      Added with murmur’s horrible dub over minene’s speech,
      this episode gives you ears cancer.


  10. This isn’t a filler. It WAS part of the manga. And although for the progress of the GAME it was mostly meaningless it develops Gasai Yuno’s character furthermore, as well as showing Amano Yukiteru beginning to see more of Yuno’s girl side. This episode is a transition between the Game rounds, one of which had just concluded. And yes while the mock-wedding date is redundant, it is anything but that for our main characters. Would a second date with your girlfriend/boyfriend be redundant and easy to overlook? Try saying that – I bet you won’t be going to sleep smiling.

    The off-screen time for Akise Aru was also important as he starts to investigate more about Yuno. If you haven’t noticed already, Akise Aru will serve largely as the plot’s revealer and foreshadowing person. His existence is important, and this episode marking his start in investigating Yuno is not any less. Yuki’s reaction (or the lack thereof) regardin Aru’s break-in, I think he was WAAY more freaked out about his past visit to worry why Aru was there. This is without mentioning that Yuki already knows about how nosy that guy could be and it wouldn’t be surprising to Yuki at all (albeit in retrospect) that Aru set them up for purposefully. Even ignoring all that, I think Yuki wouldn’t have had enough time to react to Aru’s break-in since his attention is almost immediately diverted to the more important establishment of Yuno’s apparent mental illness – and Yuki’s awareness of it. And just because Yuki didn’t ask on screen doesn’t mean he didn’t pry. Come on, wouldn’t we be more annoyed if this show turned into another wanna-be Death Note (that I hear many people are already saying it is) by focusing on how inexplicably and amazingly smart a certain character is? No. We’ve seen enough of Akise Aru’s intellect. And (since I wanna keep spoiler to a minimum) I think Aru will justify his guess of corpses being in the house soon enough.

    As for Uryuu Minene’s past – her side story with the detective explains why she was wearing the white dress her hairstyle was the way it was when she terrorized Sakurami High School, instead of her normal style, which is much awesomer and sexier. Although, stories aside, that explosive outfit does establish the 9th as a rather memorable character for an introduction. No? The side story will become important, too.

    If anything, I would say this show is acting a little like The Prestige, where things will unfold themselves even though in the middle you kept going “WTH?!!!” But Future Diary isn’t a 2-hour movie. So if it’s keeping you hanging and being a “watch and enjoy” thing, please give it more patience than a few episodes. This is happening only because you don’t know enough into the story yet, which will change in due time. And character development helps you understand and feel each of their motivations in the story, the Game and beyond.

    And the 4th…Nvm I’ll shut up. Lol

    All in all, while the pace and mood of this episode is vastly different than the ones before, it is anything but a meaningless side story. I hope I didn’t spoil too much.



  11. I just realized that this blog dropped Mirai Nikki for unknown reasons. 😦

    Hell, that was the main reason why I followed you guys!!


  12. At first i thought it was the first filler-episode of Mirai Nikki, but the last minutes (from the time they arrive at Yunos’ house untill the end there are a lot of going out of nothing… I Love the Twist that the plot has.. But i think its a liitle bit too much th 2nd part of this ep. because it has the same actions with the Amusment Park scene… But ok, lets admitt it.. YOU wANTED TO SEE THE NEXT EP. IMMEDIATELY! ☼_☼


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