Junjou Romantica – 09

I shall make this post short and without screen caps =[
(I dont have the time to add it in, sorry!)


Alright, so this episode is about a young Usagi and Hiroki. We see how Usagi and Hiroki meets and their friendship and how Hiroki ends up liking Usagi.

Hiroki stumbles upon Usagi in his “secret hiding place” and he starts to get pretty angry at Usagi for being at his hiding place. They soon develop a friendship after Hiro realises that Usagi chose to be that the secret hiding places for the same reasons as Hiro.

The next day Hiro finds out that Usa is a new transfer student in his class and all the girls find Usa-chan cool and cute. ^^ (and i agree with them!

Anyway, from kissings to in-direct kissings to novels to family to sadness. This episode covers the early parts of their friendship and we learn more about them and we are able to see where their futures careers started from.

note worthy scenes:

-Hiroki crying and rambling on and on. To stop him, Usagi kissed him! O_O

-Hiroki and Usagi’s indirect kiss with the recorder.

-Hiroki shocked at the content of the story that Usagi had written

-When Usagi told Hiro not to falsely flatter his novel and Hiro had said that he really found the story interesting.

-Hiro’s mom getting a small crush on Usa and wanting to take a picture with Usa

-The first time they met

-after the ED song, misaki opening a file on usagi file and found a picture of young misaki on it. O_O LOL


This was such a sweet and adorable episode. I would not actually say that it is a yaoi ep because they are afterall kids in this episode.

You get to see a glimpse of Nowa and Misaki as well in this episode.

I loved it when Hiro’s mom had a crush on Usagi. That was the cutest thing, wanting to take a picture with Usagi. ^^v

Their younger selves are pretty much the same as their older selves. The only difference i would have to say is that Usagi got more talkative after meeting Misaki. (he is still the same old perverted self even when he was young, just not as bad. =_=”)

Almost everything from this episode is not in the manga (i think, i have read until vol 5 so far), but it was still an interesting episode to watch.

You basically see kids being adorable the whole way, just in hiro and usa style.

For those who want Hiro and Usa to get together or are fans of that pairing, then you would probably love this ep and find it sweet.

I know that after watching that i opened Photoshop3 and started to doodle. 😛

[click to enlarge]

this shall be my wallpaper until the next ep of junjo.

Speaking of the next ep…

Junjou Terrorist.

I don’t like that couple, and i highly doubt i would be writing a review unless it is to complain. >_<

can’t wait for the other 2 couples to come back with more good and wholesome stuff!

P.S. i finally got my hands on a copy of the first vol of Junjo.. (been looking eveyrwhere) now i have vol 1-5. hopefully vol 6 will be out on time.

-ra out

sorry about this messy post

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  1. heh its great for u to post! thx! haha but i really wish u can post the review for all junjou romantica episode! as the subs usually come out a few days later and i cant wait! so i would be reading ur post! haha thx ! how i wish they can move on to misakiXusami ! i want to see them lovely dovey! how i hope misaki would seduce usagi! cant wait to see misaki seducing face!


  2. yeah this episode is so cute, i was really excited to watch it cause it was never on the manga. i have volume 1-10 already but ive never seen them on their kids. oh well, cant wait for the next episode. its junjou terrorist next… yay. i dont like their pairing but the story is nice.


  3. Chloe: I dont mind that pairing, i just think shinobu should dial it down a bit. he can get a tad bit too aggressive. where did you get your manga from?? T_T i want them too…

    Stephanie: Lol, you wanna see misaki seducing usagi? i can read that in the manga! i hope that they will put it into the anime though. They skipped a whole chunked of it by jumping to terrorist.


  4. Yeah lol thanks i cant wait to see this episode. Please do the review for terroist ive never seen them in the manga i only have 1 2 3 manga i think the episode will be good i think its bad to skip episodes of any good anime, oh and do screencaps.


  5. Don’t skip terrorist please. Yaoi anime is like an extinct species. we have to love and appreciate all of it or it will die.=D

    Take for instance most people prefer the misaki x usagi pair. But after seeing this episode and knowing how much hiroki loved usagi. I feel he was a little cold for rejecting him. I’m not mad though nowaki is a better man anyway. lol. =D


  6. lol, i agree… it was adorable seeing hiroki’s love for usagi. plus have to say that i wanted to spank usagi for treating hiroki that way. he was the one who converted hiroki into a homo in the first place! lol


  7. saranaufogus: heh where u got the manga from u? bought it? pls can u tell me any website to see even if its raw its ok^^ but i cant download it so i need to watch online


  8. hmm, i know where you an download them but i am not sure where you can view them online. for junjo i usually just buy the manga.
    if you want to read them, you might want to go to a borders bookshop near you (if there is one) and read it.

    I’ll try finding a site that can let you view it online if i can ^^


  9. heh thx! but i dun think i can buy them… my family dosent allow any yaoi stuff… such a bother… i dun think the country i live have this manga^^ thx anyway^^ which episode will misaki and usagi come out again? i can t wait! i have a feeling that i have to wait very long for it to be out!


  10. i want to see it so much but i like to see the 10th peisode more, because there is anew story like in the manga^^


  11. i am guessing that misakixusagi would be out in ep 11.. unless this(terrorist) couple takes up 2 eps.=_=” (which is actually very possible)

    stephanie: where do you live? i know what you mean about parents not allowing (i dont tell mine.. shh.. just pretend it is a normal manga, it is not like they will read it right? :P)


  12. tee…hee i live in singapore…. its not even out there… besides even if this manga is out it will be labeled as it contain sexual violence…or wad then only at the age of 18 and above is allow… which im underage… haha…


  13. lol, i am in singapore right now. i just got vol one from kino, if you order they can bring it in. the catch is, you got to be 21. =_=” lame, i know.
    well, if you want, you order and i can pick it up for you or meet you or smth. how’s that sound?


  14. hehe! kino have OMG! Well haha i hate that 21 thing! i cant meet u up cuz of my exam result of grounded! (wad the hell!) well its so cool! so how many volumes u have now? mind scanning for me? if u want?


  15. lol, i only have vol 1 here in singapore. the rest are with me in aussie. i can’t scan them in because if i do i will have to practically tear the book apart.
    i advice you to try to get someone that you know to go and buy the book for you. it is not that ex here, 16 bucks ard there. (eng)
    apparently they cant bring the chinese version into singapore because the censorship board does not allow it. same goes for the jap version. =_=” wth right?
    if you want the book you would actually need to go to the counter to ask for a copy of it because it is not on the shelf. ^^


  16. wad… so is the english version censored? this sucks… haha never mind thx anyway^^ haha u dun have to tear it apart^^ but how come they stop on volume 10? are they gonna continue?


  17. lol, it is not censored (at least when i was reading it it seemed pretty much the same with explicit content)
    i have no idea why the other versions are not permitted.

    hmmm vol 10 is not the last… it is still ongoing. ^^


  18. yea! oh i see… maybe its cuz its of its explict content…haha…well then when will volume 11 be released?


  19. junjou romantica ep 10 is out. whats it about sara?


  20. ep 10 is out?? i can’t find it! where did you see it?

    Edit: just saw it on Veoh, the quality is not good though, i just reviewed the latest ep with the summary and some screen caps (the quality of the screen caps is not that good)


  21. you can see it in youtube or aol. i can even send you a copy if you wanted to


  22. I love junjou romantica very much….i finish to watch those junjou …and also season 2…and iam yaoi fan…


  23. X3 I love JR!!!!11


  24. Aw, come on this episode was so cute and sweet. *totally biased by love of Hiroki*


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