No. 6 – 04 Review

“Get away from me woman, I only like men!”

Episode 4

Sorry for the day late review, kinda crashed after doing Blood-C’s review last night.

This was another good episode. As compared to the plot progression that was shown in the last few episodes, this one focused more on the character development between Shion and Nezumi and their changing personalities.

“Touch my face Nezumi. Isn’t it smooth?”


Shion and Nezumi head to find the former Latch Bill reporter that Karan had pointed them towards. Along the way they get into trouble with some prostitutes and pimps and some fighting ensues followed by them running away. The reporter had met Karan during their time in No. 6 while he was reporting about the fishy activities of No. 6. That was when Karan had seeked him out to talk to him about it. However, after being exiled to the West City, he has stopped and is currently prostituting people to the folks at No. 6 in exchange for living in luxury while exiled. He then suggests that Nezumi should think about prostituting himself to earn money as it pays well, this leads to Shion becoming furious and attacking him. Right as they leave, Nezumi finds a photo of a “The Founding Members” and recognizes one of them.

The second half of the episode focuses on the Dog Keeper, Shion and Nezumi. Shion is helping the Dog Keeper (Inukashi) out by cleaning the furs of the dogs so that they can be used as blankets. The Dog Keeper then tells Shion about his past and Nezumi interrupts by insulting Inukashi’s mother. That night, Inukashi decides to seek revenge on Nezumi for insulting his mother after realizing that Nezumi has gotten weaker because Nezumi now has something to protect. Inukashi states that fact to Nezumi making Nezumi come to terms with something he did not want to face.

The episode ends with Shion’s mother crying after Shion writes a note back saying he is sorry and is still alive.

“How dare you hit on my Nezumi!”   “It’s okay Shion, you are the only one I love”


The amount of BL in this episode was crazy and awesome, Shion essentially confessed to Nezumi towards the end of the episode. Then again, Shion being so oblivious and with what Nezumi calls a “linguistic comprehension [being] worse than a chimpanzee” meant that Shion did not even realise what he had said.

I really like the pacing of this show. It does not matter what the episode chooses to focus on, it still moves forward with the plot in someway. The way this episode introduced the lifestyle and happenings of the West City showing us the contrast between the two places (No.6 and the West City) was really entertaining to watch.

Shion’s mother also played a big role in this episode being a catalyst for future events and discoveries (or so it was hinted at). I like the fact that she was not just a token mother there to provide the emotional aspect, but there to drive the plot forward as well. This is not to say that there weren’t the emotional moments. After all, Shion deciding to stay in the West despite never being able to forget his mother symbolizes his acceptance of the future which in turn leads to a sad and emotional moment. The ED fitted in perfectly for where the last scene of the episode left off. It was such an emotional song that suited the mood. I however really do not like the OP at all. I can’t stand the voice of the singer, even if the animation was nice to watch.

“Shion, are you not happy with just me? Why are cheating on me with 3 others?

The change in Nezumi’s character and him having to deal with this change was also a nice insight. I just wonder how that will turn out and if Nezumi will cut Shion off altogether just so that he won’t get attached. I hope that that is not the case. I really did not like the glimmer in Nezumi’s eyes as he walked away from Shion.

The plot had some typical bits, like how Shion is this oblivious person who can affect people and throw them off balance (changing people) thus making them do things they usually won’t do. Also the way that they tried to prove that Nezumi cared about Shion was nothing original but it was all done nicely. I really love the action scenes in this episode. I know some people love Blood-C’s style in their action scenes, but I honestly prefer the clean and clear way that No. 6 presents their action scenes. I like it when I can actually follow and see the movements.

I found that the reaction Shion had towards Nezumi being insulted during the reporter arc was over the top and the “black rings” under his eyes was also odd. Do you think that they are hinting at the fact that there is something wrong with Shion? Also, has everyone forgotten that Shion was meant to be smart? Whatever happened to that? Is that a forgotten fact or something that will come back? Also, what was the point of the role of Safu? Will she come back or even reappear seeing as to how she is meant to be gone for two years and the plot seems to be building up to the wasps in spring. Or was Safu just there to prove that Shion has no interest in girls. Also, it is cute that Nezumi’s stage name is Eve, isn’t that a girl’s name? =p

*sob* My poor baby is gay. I am so proud of him.

Whatever it is, it was a good episode nonetheless with lots of nice yummy SXN moments. Can’t wait to see more next week! =)

-ra out! (hopefully my captions did not ruin the mood for you)

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