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Random Compiled Fate/Zero News

It’s been awhile since I did a random post… and since I had just posted a review of the latest episode of Fate/Zero, I figured that I might as well post some other random interesting things/news on Fate/Zero. =)

This post is basically random stuff related to Fate/Zero that I had stumbled upon on. Most of these stuff are stuff that you may have already seen before if you are an avid fan that track Fate/Zero news. But for others who usually don’t, this post is just to provide some fun reading for you.

Hope you enjoy the post.

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Fate/Zero II – 06 (19) Review

Episode 06 (19)

I was tossing up between reviewing Fate/Zero or reviewing Hyouka and have decided on this. It was honestly a hard choice deciding between something that’s idiotic but easy to review, or something that’s entertaining but sure to screw with your mind. (Hopefully you know which is which that I’m referring to)

The last couple of episodes had taken a break from the main story of the Holy Grail War to focus on the character development of Kiritsugu, and whilst Episode 05 had left me with nothing much to say about it, this episode has definitely left made me wondering about the sanity of Kiri and his motives.

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Fate/Zero II – 04 (17) Review

Episode 04 (17) – The Eighth Contract
Death is in the air

Here’s a late review of episode 04(17) of the second season of Fate/Zero. (I haven’t seen episode 05(18) yet)

The fourth episode was definitely a lot more than what I had expected. Through crazy (though expected) blindsides, the tables have flipped and it is now a war between Kirei and Kiri. It had felt like an episode of foreboding doom as characters took measures in their anticipation of their death in the War.

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Fate/Zero II – 01 – 03 Review

Episode 01 (14) -03 (16)

I have been slowly making my way back to the blog and this is my first review in months. Hopefully I haven’t lost too many braincells over the last few months. But honestly, I can hardly tell which way is up.

Since I am feeling all old and rusty, I’ll probably end up making this review a speedy one covering a few points from each episode.

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Fate/Zero – 13 (Final) Review

Episode 13 (Final) – The Forbidden Banquet

Well, it was definitely no shocker that the show had decided to end on a cliffhanger as multiple teams gang up to take down their common enemy – Caster.

It was definitely the most logical way to end the series with the last scene having left people wanting for more. The unsatisfying part for me was the fact that it had taken the series 13 episodes of character development to get to the start of a major battle in the Holy Grail War.

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Fate/Zero – 12 Review

Episode 12 – The Grail’s Invitation

More character development and recaps on the current state of things as well as more dialogue with no action anywhere in sight.

I don’t want to sound like an idiot that is only able to enjoy a show when there is action in it, but the fact that all we have been seeing thus far leans more towards character development instead of plot development does make me feel a tad upset.

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Fate/Zero – 11 Review

Episode 11 – The Grail Dialogue

You know that an episode is going to be pretty heavy-handed on the dialogue when the episode title essentially sums everything up by stating it. Thankfully, the animators had decided to throw in a nice short action moment towards the end to make things exciting.

One can’t help but be moved by Rider’s pep talk about kings in this episode. With his epic roar, I too felt like shouting out my enthusiasm. But as much as I had loved seeing Rider taking on a main role in this episode, it was still sad that the episode had essentially amount to nothing.

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Fate/Zero – 10 Review

Episode 10 – Rin’s Adventure

As the title of the episode suggests, this episode follows Rin and her “participation” in the Holy Grail War.

I am not really sure what the purpose behind focusing on Rin is meant to be, as ultimately, she hadn’t done anything critical that would leave a huge impact on the war. This episode had instead seemed like a way to do small recap on the current standing of things through the use of Rin chasing after the Serial Kidnapper, Ryunosuke, as well as a way to cover some backstory of the events behind the kidnappings.

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Fate/Zero – 09 Review

Poor Lancer. T^T

Episode 09 – Master and Servant

This was another good episode for Fate/Zero. Naturally, the show is starting to display a pattern.

After a huge important battle that hints at pushing the plot forward, the show takes a break from the action to evaluate all the other pairings and the outcome of that particular “group meeting” (For some reason, they always seem to appear as a group to battle rather than a simple one on one).

I am not sure if this is due to the huge amount of main characters, but whatever the reason is, it is starting to look like all the important battles that would push the plot progress of the Holy Grail War will be taking place in the second season whilst this first season merely sets up the stage, and hopefully finishes the chase after Caster.

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Fate/Zero – 08 Review

Episode 08 – Magus Killer

Kirei appears as tension is running high.

Although the pacing of the episode was done pretty well, the execution of the display of the fights was not something that I had loved too much.

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